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A game called "Pure" has come out today. It's very good, and we're not just saying that because Disney Interactive is one of only two companies in the entire world that bothers sending us review copies of its games. We wouldn't let a guaranteed £30 off eBay in time for next weekend's recreational pharmaceutical shopping cloud our judgement or impartiality in any way.

We're saying that because Pure's an extremely decent update of the SSX Tricky style of trick-to-boost racer, and SSX Tricky is one of the top five best games of all time even though you had to own one of SATAN'S EVIL LIE MACHINES in order to play it.

Pure 'parkour' shame in London

To celebrate the launch of Pure, the people paid to ensure commoners like us are aware of its existence got some men to go upside down near some quad bikes.

Pure 'parkour' shame in London

This is a bit like what the game is about. That's the idea behind it.

Pure 'parkour' shame in London

This ought to be making the general public excited. This photo is presumably meant to get included in London Lite tonight, or Metro on Monday morning, under the headline "Parkour craze hits London!"

Pure 'parkour' shame in London

That's a remarkably relaxed face for a man who's upside down near one of the most dangerous inventions known to man.

There's this rather nice interview with the bloke that played SEGA Saturn Man in the Japanese TV adverts. It's copied out of "GamesTM" which saves you having to buy "GamesTM" or suffering the shame of being seen reading it in a shop for free.
Blogger Badben said...
I've been upside down near a quad bike on a stag do. I didn't look at all relaxed, I'm told.
Blogger Gnac said...
My old man has one of those chav contraptions, but he's far too creaky to be going upside-down near it. Intentionally or otherwise.

Verification: sobmp. A sad, crying image format.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey CMD ZORG i sent you an email about Sega and Sonic arcade ni Peurto Banus in Spain, some awesome pictures, whats the deal?! I thought you loved that kinda stuff. Instead you wanna moan about Pure?

UK:R has changed, though I like it less now.
Anonymous dre said...
wait! Garry Glitter played SEGA Saturn Man in the Japanese TV adverts?!
Blogger Knifetotheeye said...
Awwww, anonymous is really upset now :(
Anonymous Anonymous said... the fatal error in these photos....unless the game plays at 0 fps then this is nothing like the game. UKR is definitely falling into the claws of the evil organisation...
Blogger AT said...
What's Swillman up to these days anyway?

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