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September sales figures for Japan, for you all to enjoy! Nothing gets the weekend off to a better start than putting "PS3" at the bottom of a list.

DS: 234,477
Wii: 109,548
PSP: 109,274
360: 53,547
PS3: 33,071

Sony will be saved by PSP and its extremely strong software sales.
Anonymous "Fire Damaged Zombie" Tim Henman said...
Kicked in the Japan? How painful!
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
It was originally "KICKED IN THE CUNT" but I'm not sure the world is ready for a size 16 capitalised and bolded C-word yet.

When the BBC stops bleeping it out, I'll go with it.
Blogger Badben said...
I agree, let the BBC carry the big decisions. You only need to hear the sheer quantity of 'fucks' in Mock the Week to see that they move with the fucking times.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
lol Mock the Week
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Where is the PS2 ?
I am sure it is selling more than the PS3 in Japan
Anonymous carr said...
Fuck me. PS2 outsold PS3 last week as well.

* NDS - 57 847
* Wii - 26 314
* PSP - 25 671
* 360 - 11 291
* PS2 - 9 848
* PS3 - 8 275
Blogger JB said...
Most likely because in Japan a PS3 would take up an entire room, at least the PS2 has some games to play on it, unlike it's fat ugly relative.

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