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As well as gifting the world the joys of airport-based Cream The Rabbit fan fiction and homoerotic video game developer photography, we have also crafted the following pig-eared collections of words to go on other bits of internet.
  • This thing about Oasis.

  • This thing about when marketing budgets COLLIDE.

  • This thing about innovations in the battery-charging scene.

  • This thing about Sarah or Penny.

  • This thing about a camera we'd have if money was to suddenly become no object thanks to either a series of deaths or robberies.

  • This thing about what happens when you Google the word photocopier, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Press the red button, Mike

    Another week of this being our job. That's a 10/10 to us on a personal level, but only a 3/10 for the rest of the poor internet that has to suffer the terrible results.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Home come you're wasting SOLID GOLD battery news on TechDigest when the hordes of loyal Idiot Toys readers would slurp it up like Cliff Beszinsky's man-juice?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I do like that Photocopier picture, but any chance of having some more pictures of those ping pong ball girls in the swimming pool with some very thin Sega link? Thank you!
    Blogger JB said...
    The fat bloke appears to be Keith from "The Office"!
    Anonymous fujiwaratofu said...
    ..and here we have the natural breeding ground of the rare "smelly fat arsed" PS3 owner....
    OpenID liam-the-great said...
    Isn't that Kevin Smith?

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