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Astonishing discovery! The timeless original Sonic 1 artwork is still in use today. We doubt "Sackboy" will be selling pork-substitute scratchings in the year 2025.

"Was delighted at spotting something Sonic related on holiday in Jerusalem, and I hope you might like it! Not sure what the product itself was - sweets or crisps I guess. Sorry for the shitty quality, but the guy in the second photo, despite his chipper expression, was giving me some odd looks as I was stooping down photograping an empty snack packet and I didn't much fancy trying to explain myself!" - John.

Photograph made all the more thrilling by close proximity of poorly-maintained military equipment.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
israeli mil-equip is not poorly maintained
Blogger Ren said...
Yes it is. The bullets have an unfortunate tendancy to end up in Palestinian civilians and foreign journos.

Btw, where are the alt tags Zorg?
Blogger Multiverse said...
When he said "poorly-maintained military equipment" he wasn't referring to his gun.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hmm, am I the only one thinking that Jerusalem wouldn't be my first choice of holiday destination???

Having said that, if there's Sonic branded savoury snacks involved..
Blogger bilal said...
I can indeed confirm that it used to contain crisps.

And not just any crisps - "delicious crisps", according to the wording.

That's right. Also, the company appears to be called Karnoush (or maybe something like Kranoush but I doubt that). Googling Karnoush got me nowhere, though.

Beat that, Mr. Anonymous Chinese Guy/Arabic Teacher
Blogger bilal said...
Also, the word verification I just got for that comment was 'sperm'.

I'm not even joking. I printscreened it and everything:
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Bilal, I hereby appoint you UKR's official minority group spokesman for issues English people dont understand AND word verification king.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
bilal you rock mate!
Blogger bilal said...
Cheers, boys.

For political correctness, you may also want to appoint someone as the official UKR English spokesman for issues ethnic minority people don't understand, for there are many.

For example, what is this wanking of which you people speak?

(p.s. to that Anonymous from before, if you're reading this, the arabic teacher thing was a joke. I don't hold grudges. At least, I don't like carrying them over from other blog posts)
Anonymous Tankengine Tom. said...
Wanking is like love-making, but with tears and the faint odor of damp mould.
Blogger bilal said...
Oh THAT. Yeah, you'll all burn in Hell for that one.

Unless it's an anti-Sony wank, in which case you get a castle in Heaven for each stroke.
Anonymous frankie_fury said...
I wonder if Palestinian savoury snacks feature Mario on them.
Blogger bilal said...
Or worse, Shadow the Hedgehog :(
Anonymous Anonymous said...
WOULD (both the packet and the soldier)
Anonymous Bilal is a Coconut said...
frankie_fury, it likely is a Palestinian snack as it is in Arabic, probably from the Arab quarter of Jerusalem, and Israeli shops would hardly like to be carrying snacks with Arabic on them.

So bilal, you think reading a bloody crisp packet makes you somehow qualified on Arabic? A Polish immigrant could understand 'delicious' on a bloody packet of Walkers - deflate yourself, mate.

Really, someone who had truly 'been learning Arabic for years' would hardly showboat the translation of writing on a crisp packet. nor does it have sod all to do with how you are so Uncle Tom'd out that you chose to use the ridiculous byword of 'infidel' coined and patented by the White Man to kill your people and now incredulously forcing it inthe collective Muslim tongue.

But of course, your response was to assume I am American and insult me on that basis accordingly. How like the lovely white chaps here you crave to be.

Also, if you're going to make insults, let them stick. Coming back and feeling goody-woody after gushing over Cutlack's praise and deciding to retract your imbecilic comment is pathetic and effeminate. Not even effeminate, really. Just pathetic.

And gushing over Cutlack wasn't just a snide aside. It's patently fact. Over here and at IdiotToys, yiu are clearly refreshing the page every few minutes to see if ZORg has granted you his benevolent response with a gushingly pathetic 'Yessir!'-tastic response. Sad.
Blogger bilal said...
More like every few seconds! I also have what I believe to be Gary's (yeah, we're on first-name terms, me and Gaz, beat that) handwriting on a bubble envelope which I've kept in the hope that it'll be worth something of monetary value.

That bubble envelope contained UKR T-shirts that I like to believe Gary tried on at least once to ensure they were of adequate quality, and as such have never to this day washed or even ironed them, as maybe some of these coveted 'white particles' would penetrate my person and bring me one step closer to my dream.

But you're not helping your cause by repeated use of 'Uncle Tom', so as far as I'm concerned you ARE American, as is everyone else on this internet as far as I'm concerned, unless they use words like twat and wanker every other sentence. That's my filtering technique, anyway. Sorry, but 'bloody' and 'mate' are a bit more universal nowadays, and have even spread as far as Australia, it seems.

And I cannot stand to hear negativities thrown in the direction of the White population - they're my benefactors! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. They gave my granddad opportunities when he arrived many years ago, as they are for me this very day. As I look around my room, I can attribute so much to the White Man (bar the consoles, of course).

But it's good to see you like breaking your long-arsed posts into paragraphs. But who on Earth taught us to do this? Why, the White Man! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you(on a crips post, no less)!

After careful analysis, I think the whole reason you're wanking yourself dry over this is because you cannot come to terms with a Muslim using such a politically-charged word as 'infidel' in a non-serious way. It wasn't enough that you then joined the me-too brigade and slapped 'chink' in there to add some credibility to your lame rant that, unfortunately for you, just reads like the increasingly numerous 'leave Sony alone' comments on here.

I get more sense out of your mates over on Idiot Toys:

Blogger maxp said...
good comeback bilal, and mr coconut why havent you learnt that arguing on the internet is a complete fucking waste of my time

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