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We bit down, we pulled through. And everything was OK in the end.
  • This thing which features one of the most astonishing promotional photographs you will ever see.

  • This thing from which you can gain information about what music is OK to like and what music is NOT OK to like.

  • This thing about a PS3 that looks a bit like it'd be nice to have.

  • This thing in which you may accurately gauge how well Nicole Appleton is ageing.

  • This thing about seeing how big things are.

  • This thing about National Stop Running Women Over With Your Car month, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • National Stop Running Women Over With Your Car month

    A perfectly adequate and quota-achieving 5/10.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    hahah Is Pective just about saying an image is too big/small then? That is pretty addictive. Almost anyone can play!
    Anonymous GigerPunk said...
    That Nicole Appleton link - why are they hiding a small child behind the woman on the left? Looks a bit nervous going by the body language. And/or needs a pee.

    Is this microsofts idea of 'family friendly'?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    My BMW E36 didn't have climate control. Booo.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    A 6 grand PS signed by a fanboy?....fuck that, have you taken leave of your senses
    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    I object to having a "National Stop Running Women Over With Your Car" month. Look at that image, it's clearly a woman driver at fault. Surely the answer is to have a "National Stop Women Driving So They Can Get Back To Work In The Kitchen" month.

    Also, running prostitutes over doesn't count. I keep trying to tell the police that but they don't listen.
    Blogger Halverde said...
    Energy & Efficiency is funnier than any of the things you linked to. Stop being shy, Zorg, UK:R deserves to see your moustache.
    Anonymous Cunzy1 1 said...
    I can't wait for the eventual:

    This thing in which a person actually commented on our content on Tech Digest or Xboxer.

    Hang in there, it will happen one day.
    Blogger bilal said...
    I'm shocked and appalled that you'd think a site that lets you see how big or small things are would be useless.

    I suggest we all storm the site with life-sized battery photos.

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