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Poor them. They both stopped to take photos of the arcades, though, seeing as they have SEGA signs outside them. It is nice to inspire this sort of misplaced enthusiasm. Perhaps, one day, one of our readers will actually take a high-ranking member of Sony Europe hostage and send us their fingers one by one!

It's also nice that people are enjoying Cardiff Airport in some way.

SEGA report from Cardiff Airport

"This caught my eye at Cardiff Airport on the way to Edinburgh - two arcades in the airport. The first with Sega Rally in, and the second with ManxTT and OutRun2. Awesome."

SEGA report from Cardiff Airport

"My missus did seem to think that the Wii release of Samba de Amigo was all fresh and exciting and that. I would have kicked the arse out of making the point that the Dreamcast was about about half a billion years before its time, but frankly I could have done without the hassle for the rest of the day. Take it easy!"

SEGA report from Cardiff Airport

This one came in from a separate source. A man called "Daniel" gives us a slightly wider angle. This does not make us want to go anywhere near Cardiff Airport.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The problem with flying out of Cardiff airport of course being that there's a 1 in 1000 chance you'll fly into The Rift and never actually be seen again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This comment has been deleted by Russell T Davies' pink mafia.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a well informed missus. Samba De Amigo is always fresh and exciting.
Also: What's wrong with the ceiling in Cardiff?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't think I'll bother with the next lot of Torchwood. It's all been shit.
Anonymous Thompson Le Wonkonion said...
Torchwood: It's Welsh and it's gay, just like Mr T (Davies).
Anonymous Anonymous said...
UKR IRC channel again!:


Got games, tv listings, imdb, quotes and...oh....cunts.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Two cunts. One of which might be a bot.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
I used to work at Cardiff Airport. Being sucked into the Rift would be welcome, as you're more likely to be sucked into Barry while trying to find your way to the airport.

Still, down where they used to recharge the baggage trucks, the handlers had a 'lounge' with a smoking table... in that it was a table everyone gathered around to smoke. The ashtray was about the size of a wok, and was stacked almost a foot high with fag ends and ash. (they never emptied it... or they did, but it built up again that quickly)

Also, whoever ran the arcades had a sense of humour, as the arcade before you went through security had the 'land an airliner' arcade game-sim thing. So, before your flight, you could pretend to crash and kill yourself.

The stain on the ceiling is likely someone projectile-vomiting Brains SA before their flight to Corfu.

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