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Here is a man's lifetime haul of SEGA oddness. The most terrifying lollipop you will ever see, accompanied by a public information leaflet in which Sonic and Tails warn of the dangers of getting involved with gang culture.

They have almost certainly both been featured on the internet somewhere before, but never before have they been placed upon the SAME PAGE.

"Here's a couple Sonic things I found. A card with some useful information on it that I found in my room. A Sonic Popsicle. Maybe you could use these for something... maybe" - MrPuppet.

Yes, we could nail this to the front door to scare off visitors.
OpenID MengelsX7 said...
hahaha I remember eating one of those popsicles as a kid. I didn't like gumballs though so I popped his eyes off =P
Blogger Halverde said...

Is that Sonic after he landed in those spikes? It didn't look so horrific on the Mega Drive.
Anonymous Mr Cockington-Belltower said...
Chemical Attack Sonic.

Sonic tells children not to fight, yet he himself solves EVERYTHING with violence.

What a fucking hypocrite. I hate you Sonic.
Anonymous SPC said...
I bamlem Jack Buaer.
Blogger Josh Wallen said...
The Sonic violence card was a pack-in with Sonic Jam in the US, I remember. The "Cool Kids Know" side was one of those shiny deals.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
hahah i remember those sonic popsicles.

i think they still sell them in the us.
Blogger roddie said...
Sonic meets the Elephant Man.

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