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OK, OK, you can stop emailing about it. Here it is. Here she is. Here THEY are. A full 36-hours too late, but here all the same. It's Gemma Atkinson doing a bit of acting for Red Alert 3. They dressed her up for it. That top will have been custom made to contain all of her.

Gemma, doing serious

She's doing some ACTING. She's doing serious. The sort of look she imagines a high-ranking female military official would have on her face, were she just about to order a full nuclear strike on an enemy populace.

Cleavage non-alert

Terrible photography. Once again, we are forced to raid the UKR personal Gemma Archive, and are happy to provide a vastly superior Gemma photo for your pleasure.

Gemma Atkinson desktops, for Google

They provided a couple of desktop images.

Gemma Atkinson desktops, for Google

They are better, but still not what we'd ideally like.

  • Lube
  • Three cocks
  • Tears
  • Blogger Carriageman said...
    Blogger d(-_-)b said...
    - 3 cocks
    - lube
    - tears

    and don't forget gagging!!! most important
    Blogger Halverde said...
    Is that "tears" as in crying, or "tears" as in flesh being torn?

    Either way, I'm in.
    Blogger electroface said...
    Forget the lube and you're onto a winner.
    Blogger George said...
    I was worried about your health after a full day had passed with no mention of Ms Atkinson here
    Blogger Multiverse said...
    I think the series is now ready for a new spin off called Command & Cock Her.

    And instead of doing Red Alert they should do Pink Alert and Brown alert.
    Blogger PhotoBoy said...
    I'm not sure I'd want 3 cocks. I mean, where on your body would you want two extra penises to be hanging? And with only two hands you'd only be 2/3 satisfied when wanking. And of course there's the question of whether Gemma would want to have sex with a mutant who has three willys.
    Blogger Bas said...
    She supposedly plays a communication officer...



    I'm now interested in RA3.
    Blogger Winterbeast said...
    Crying tear or flesh tears, surely both can be accomodated at the same time, just drop the lube. Insert your own bird/hand/bush joke here.

    clmvafg - Almost an appropriate anagram of clamvag.
    Blogger Urban Reflex said...
    - I'd order a nuclear strike on HER populance.

    - I'd give her three stripes.

    That's all I've got for now.
    Blogger AT said...
    What's the gameplay like? And will I need a new 3D card?
    Blogger Carriageman said...
    C&C 3 has some tasty flesh in it too, boomer & 6 from Battlestar Galatica and that bird from species that got her paps out. Only way they can sell the games now causes the games are pants.

    Id like to see more pics from Zorgs private collection
    Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
    whats up with the lube? never heard of foreplay? (thats not a new Sony PR stunt btw)..or is it for yourselves?

    Zorg> ru serious that you don't think the 2nd desktop is hot?

    we'll all be talking about your butch women fetish again...
    Blogger Momomoto said...
    Did they totally airbrush her cleave out of existence in the first wallpaper? FOR SHAME!

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