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Soon, before the end of 2009, we will have completely furnished a house from top-to-toe in Dreamcast-alike furnishings. Today - show friends and neighbours that a friendly SEGA greeting awaits inside, with the STUNNING Dreamcast door mat.

Wipe your feet with it, just like Sony did

"Pic of my door mat attached. I've had it for ages and have been meaning to send it in as it's a lot less obscure than some of the other pics you've used. I got it from TK Maxx and it was mislabelled down to seven quid - Adam."


Blogger AT said...
Rather disrespectful if you ask me. What's next? A toilet seat with images of Tails on it?
Blogger floppylobster said...
Holy Crap! (or Holy Crapper to be more precise) Do you have one?
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
Some of those swirl the other way. It's obvious some ruse from those shoddy companies who want to degrade Dreamcast's good name.
Blogger genjyuro said...
I don't think it was mislabelled.
Blogger Adam said...
By mislabelled I mean there were a bunch of other identical mats there priced up at 12 quid ;)

The orientation is by design, so the swirls are correct no matter what way up you have it, and when you look at it in a mirror.

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