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Another sizzling entry in DREAMCAST LOGO IN REAL LIFE, this time a small wooden child's toy. The logo isn't revealed until the second photograph, so you'll have to scroll down a bit before you sigh and head off to a better web site.


"My little boy was recently given this 'gift' of what appeared to be a tambourine. On closer inspection, it appears to be sponsored by SEGA. Obviously still reeling financially from the Arsenal disaster - the console for the masses should not be associated with drunken southern proles - SEGA has chosen to begin the marketing push for what can only be Dreamcast 3 by targeting the under twos. This gives them 12 years of development time before their target audience reaches prime video games playing / wanking age."


"PS: Any chance of some more Kirstie Allsop Photoshopped porn? - Tim."


Blogger ElFreakinCid said...
Why do you people think everything with a damn swirl on it is a piece of Sega-made Dreamcast propaganda? Are you that upset that the Dreamcast hasn't been the biggest thing ever for over a decade?

ZOMG, Sega-sponsored Pokemon, amirite?! :B

And when is this blog ever gonna go back to the Sony hate it's known for instead of playing the "let's pretend it's still 1996 in a world ruled by Sega" game?
Blogger Aretak said...
Interesting trolling approach, Cid. I'm willing to award you 3 otters for it. If you want the other two, you'll be at the Bawarski Pub in Warsaw at 9:03pm tomorrow. Sit at the table in the northeast corner and wear a white flower in your lapel. Come alone.
Blogger Rant said...
I think this essentially boils down to, if you don't like it, fuck off.

It can't be easy for a one man band to update a blog every weekday and yet make every item poignant.
Blogger phorenzik said...
If only Zorg had OTHER people to write funny things for him....
Blogger Rant said...
Were you kicked off the team Phorenzik?
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
See the beauty of it, there's 2 swirls for Dreamcast 2 and the third one is mising, as if tantalising for Dreamcast 3. It can't be better than this.


ZOMG, Sega-sponsored Pokemon, amirite?! :B"

Yep. Have you ever heard of Sandshrew? He's a Sonic rip-off.
Blogger ElFreakinCid said...
Actually, aretak, it's not a trolling approach. I'm just sick of watching this guy live in the past update after update and act as though everything with a damn swirl on it means "ZOMG SEGA'S UPCOMING REVIVAL AND WORLD DOMINANCE". Seriously, let's see some more Sony-bashing, there's plenty of stuff to write about regarding them.
Blogger David said...
elfreakincid. Missing the point since 1996?

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