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Kicking off a new series we're calling 'Things that Sega are making instead of Dreamcast 2' is:

Some stupid gay dog that does hand stands:

His name is Lucky. Lucky is a stupid name. Only stupid things are called Lucky. Lucky is a cat's name at best. A stupid cat's name. I knew someone who had a cat calld Lucky. The daft thing was always getting run over. It's dead now. That'll learn it.

Here's a video. The best bit is when the woman tells them to do a hand stand and two of them smash their stupid little faces on the table. One appears to actually fall backwards. It probably dies.

Well done Sega. Don't bother with Shenmue 3. Just keep spunking money away on things like this instead.

Blogger AT said...
You wouldn't get it. You're not gay.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
For fuck's sake Sega, flipping dogs have been around since the '80s.

You have to wonder what goes on in Sega Japan. There's some cunt in an office who gets given product ideas, and he'll sit there looking at Shenmue III and Jet Set Radio 3 proposals and then throw them in the bin in favour of a fucking robot dog. Why?
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Shit, some stranger has HACKED IN!
Blogger Rant said...
Whoever filmed that is a fool. If they just tilted the camera up a miniscule more we could of seen the woman behind the dogs, rather then the flipping poodles. Good to see one fucked up though.
Blogger Apollo said...
Yeah SEGA.... get ShenMue 3 sorted!

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