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Sorry about this. This is the last one (of two) we have in the area of infant-related photography.

"As if it wasn't bad enough that I am now obsessed with seeing faces in inanimate objects, the other night I spotted what can only be described as an early effort to brainwash our children from Dr Robotnik himself."

"My two-year-old was shovelling wads of my money into his word hole when I noticed this thing of beauty nestled amongst the frankly revolting graphics of his high chair - Toby."

There's nothing funnier than a series of images that zoom increasingly close to the subject matter.
Blogger elend said...
This is a new low. And why is there babypoo on the first dreamcast ring?
Blogger Aretak said...
I think it possible that more updates could be wrung out of these pictures. Perhaps some sort of daily competition to guess exactly what that stain is. It'd generate hits by the truckload.
Blogger Trilby said...
Still nothing about Gemma Atkinson in Red Alert 3? For shame!

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