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If you live in Australia, have a poor credit history, and don't mind taking out a loan at an APR that works out at something like 428%, a Sonic-alike character has a deal for you!

"I was recently on holiday in a town a little north of Cairns, and whilst waiting in the queue at the not-so-supermarket was almost floored with horror when I spotted a severely dodgy Sonic rip-off on a free-ads kind of thing. Sorry for the shit quality but I didn't have time to find super orgasmic settings as I was getting some dodgy 'he might be a terrorist' looks from the staff on the checkouts. Enjoy - Field Officer Lacey."

Stunning. Audacious. Curved instead of spiked to avoid legal action.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
All hail Mr. Wheels!
Blogger Nick said...
Take USA. Flip upside down. And you've got Australia. Rednecks up north, sane people cowering in terror at the bottom with Antarctic winds.

Hence Queensland (aka Australia's Texas). :) Nice one Mr. Wheels!!!
Blogger Nih said...
That's a dingo mate. It probably has some woman's baby in the boot.

So when's Sonic Unleashed coming out anyway?
Blogger Apollo said...
Looks more like a possum to me.
Blogger Segan said...
Why blue?

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