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You'd think we'd be unemployable by now after all this, but no.
  • This thing about Sainsbury's breaking. There was a tense and long-winded discussion about apostrophe placement behind the scenes.

  • This thing about what Peaches Geldof probably did last night.

  • This thing about what does not constitute a fun activity.

  • This thing which is just an alternate take on this thing about that thing.

  • This thing about, funnily enough, PS3 being shite.

  • This thing about a Fujitsu mobile phone, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Fujitsu wetness

    It doesn't matter. No one really cares.
    Blogger PhotoBoy said...
    I think the apostrophe in Sainsbury's is very important. I also hate it when people write "Tescos" or "Tesco's". It fucking called "Tesco"! Do you say "Waitroses"? No! So why do people put an 's' on the end of Tesco?
    Blogger Richard said...
    Jesus cares
    Blogger Jakob said...
    i care!

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