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A reader had a dream. This is his true account.
Dear Zorg,
Last night, I had a dream.

It was a dream of a wonderful place.

It was a dream of a Sega bar, where yuppies like ourselves could unwind, surrounded in various Sega memorabilia. Like Hard Rock Cafe, but MUCH COOLER.

In this dream, I ordered a beer, which came in a pint glass with a huge picture of Sonic on. The beer was coloured blue, and contained caffeine, so you too could feel you were as fast as Sonic. Cocktails came in a variety of novelty shaped glasses, one of which was Ulala, and you could drink a suitably orange cocktail from it. There was a Dreamcast on the wall, and Daytona USA cabinets as far as the eye could see.

I was so pleased that I found this bar that I asked some tall, long haired man in a leather jacket (who, of course, in real-life would not be allowed in due to draconian dress-code rules) to take a photo on my mobile phone so I could send it to UK:R. However, on consulting my mobile phone when I awoke, I found that I had not just fallen asleep in a drunken stupor with the ability to piss a blue stream from all the Sonic beer, but had just had a dream.

This is a dream that Sega must make reality. Please look into it.

Thank you,

Has anyone else had a good dream about SEGA? Preferably involving a bit more sex than this one. Dreams are not covered by any laws. They can be about anything.
Blogger Mark said...
Are dreams about ulala might fall under the new extreme porn law.
Blogger Mark said...
Clearly I meant to say Any....
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
I had a dream just a week ago. It featured SEGA Nightmare (TM). :$
Blogger Netizen said...
Run out of Cream erotic fanfiction eh Gary? I'm sure you could just ask outright if that's what you want sent in, we're all friends here...
Blogger colin said...
Imagine if a post like this was on a Sony board.

"So I dreamed that Sony announced a new game that would be good. Then, ten years later, I dreamed it was finally released. It was average! That's way better than below average! Anyone hear anything about the next Metal Gear?"
Blogger Cruise said...
I'm stunned to discover a whole thread based on a mere dream about a Sega bar, when I'd mailed you shock pictures of nothing less than a real Sega bar, some time back.

Thinking my efforts were derisory - it was a free update, how shit can I be? - I got close to suicide and/or buying a PS3.

Pah - and while I'm there tchah!

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