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SEGA Rally 3 is an arcade version of last year's console remake, apparently, stuck on a PC-based bit of arcade kit with more power than SEGA's Lindbergh board. Someone sent us photos of it when it was on test under the name of "Super Challenge" a few months ago, but we didn't use the photos because it looked like a cheap Chinese rip-off.

SEGA Rally 3 logo of mild excitement

Not a cheap Chinese rip-off. It is, in fact, a reason to visit an arcade again for the first time since 2005.

'Super Challenge'

"I'll see if I get more time and get some better pics of the machine and a vid of it in motion. I didn't see anyone else play it, but I was feeling proper rocked about when I sat in there!"

You didn't read about it here first

"Hope this is good enough, I was gonna send you a picture of a tramp walking around with Sonic the Hedgehog woolly hat, but I accidentally deleted the pic. Oh, and any chance you can put GHZ on the side of your "For people who asked nicely" for a link? THANKS!
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
It's good to see Sega squeezed one extra title out of SRT before sending them to be absorbed back into the Codemasters coroporate hivemind to work on the endless conveyor belt of McRae/TOCA/LMA sequels.

Looks like I'll be hunting for arcades this summer, and if all I can find is Sega Rally 1, Daytona USA, House of the Dead or Outrun 2 I won't be too upset.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
greenhill zone forums? What fakers! Everyone knows there is only one GHZ forum, The GHZ!

Also I am reminded I still have SEGA Rally 360 lying around and haven't played it more than about half an hour. I should make more use of it.
Blogger Erica said...
This IP has been passed around and fucked in more ways that Doree's mum.
Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
would...who can resist the same handbrake as in sr2!!!!?????
Blogger bilal said...
Do you lot actually like Sega Rally Revo?

Bloody heck. I know we're all gay for Sega but come on, seriously?

Maybe through some freaky miracle, they can make it better than it was, but who knows.

Won't stop me playing it if I see it at an arcade, though :(

@ photoboy:

If you find a magical arcade with all those games do tell us, that would easily be the best arcade ever
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
@ bilal

Sega Rally Revo really seems to split opinions. Personally I really enjoyed it, I think it's one of the most striking games this gen, with such wonderfully detailed rendering of muddy bumpers. Plus the slidey gameplay seemed intact, especially in the Stratos which was totally bonkers to drive. If I had one criticism it was that I'd have preferred a shorter arcadey experience rather than lots of different variations of the same few track types going forwards and backwards. SR3 sounds like it could be just what I'm after!

Rest assured, if I find the mythical Sega arcade I will not only pass on directions I'll take multiple hi-res photos for UK-R to spread the word to the faithful.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I also thought neo SEGA Rally was awful. Racing down an invisible drainpipe and bouncing off non-existent walls may have seemed like fun in 1995, but nowadays it's just an embarrassment.

It looked amazing and there was hours of fun to be had playing with the mud physics, digging holes and getting the cars dirty then washing them off again in puddles, but the racing was old fashioned and tedious.

Colin McRae DIRT was 4 score units out of 10 better.
Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
first signs of Zorg losing his sega faith...sad sight indeed
Blogger bilal said...
I still only play Sega Rally 1 when I can. Which is a bit more often thanks to the wonderful Saturn emulator that plays it nigh-on perfectly, saving me getting the Saturn out the attic (which I'm planning on doing next week, anyway).

I'll play SR2 now and then (but only the first course as it has the least slowdown).

I don't think not liking SR Revo means you're losing your Sega faith, though. I'm a Sega boy through and through, but I don't necessarily love everything Sega brings out, especially when (in my view at least, granted some of you do like them) they plunder an old franchise I hold dear
Blogger fatherkrishna said...
I still play Sega Rally on the Saturn regularly (if December 2007 counts).It was the first time I beat Mountain...

Then I got a PC version that I played a bit, then I got Revo which I love...

Then heard about SR3 which I'm currently 'wanking over' (metaphorically not literally unlike those freakish types I just witnessed on a Channel 5 documentary)

SR3! Come on! (myself...)
Blogger nrXic said...
Revo was awesome. I agree that much of the concepts are outdated...but it's still white knuckle racing action.

I have it for the PS3 and it plays wicked on the DFP...but I do wish I got the 360 version for custom soundtrack alone. SEGA Rally tunes make any racing game that much better.

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