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Not a particularly good week, but it was saved by the intervention of a man called "Marcel" who bravely took way too many photographs than strictly necessary of women in a jacuzzi. If it wasn't for Marcel's intervention, we could've been looking at an overall score as low as 3/10.
  • This thing about cross-promoting brands and intellectual properties vis-a-vis capturing the critical youth demographic.

  • This thing about maybe having to play games with poor people.

  • This thing about developments in x-ray technology.

  • This thing about making it easier for people to carry their MacBook Airs safely from A (art school) to B (dad's chalet in Switzerland).

  • This thing about CeBIT 2008, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Would like to skin them

    The Photo Of Women In A Jacuzzi law has come into play, meaning this week's batch gets a compulsory 10/10.
    Blogger ian said...
    Incredibly bored women in a jacuzzi though. Not sure I would.
    They've probably shared all kinds of VD in the water.
    Blogger shonky said...
    The tub babe on the right is just contemplating the phone call with her mum later:

    "Yeah, the new job in marketing is great, mum"

    "So all that hard work getting your marketing degree was worth it in the end then, great!"

    "... yes, yes it was".
    Blogger ken said...
    Quite dissapointed that theres only 1 shot of them. How do you expect us to make a considered "would/wouldn't"?
    Blogger FuzzyPiggy said...
    And they say women can't make inroads into technology based industries like IT! I dunno what they're on about!

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