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As SEGA signs are painted over in favour of companies that sell ring tones for £5 each and new places to buy Fairtrade coffee from, so the signs of the Golden Era (1991 - 2001) of gaming disappear.

Here is another fading memento of the glory years, taken in a particularly depressing part of the particularly depressing Felixstowe area.

"Hi guys. I went to Felixstowe by mistake and saw this excellent remnant of the early 90s. I hope the town (and surrounding East Anglia) burns down and just leaves this place standing as a monument to how CORRECT everything used to be - Wayne."

Blogger ian said...
Music CD's.

Do the CDs own the shop then? Fucking grammar-illiterate cunts.
Blogger Joe said...
Put down Derby and I'll be forced to stamp on your face repeatedly.
Blogger Phil112 said...
I live in Derby, I wan't to see the crap shop somebody's sent in.
Probably in chad or sinfin.
what have you got against me zorg? why is my jacket in UKR exile? :(
Blogger Crispy Floyd said...
Is it going to be that grotty little second hand shop upstairs in the indoor market? I hope it is, so much.
Blogger Trilby said...
What do you think will happen when ian sees phil112's post, readers?
Blogger Urban Reflex said...
I live in East Anglia. What's the email address for this "Wayne"? Or better yet, his street address.

glwnzlqk: The sound that those who insult my area end up making.
Blogger Joe said...
Oh yeah, nice reminder Floyd. I forgot about those two crappy shops in the market. I don't go to the part of town anymore.
Blogger stuart said...
I went to Felixstowe in 1984 and was sick on the coach.

The arcades there used to be the bollocks and many a sunny day was spent in the relative darness of Manning's arcade:)

But now it's an absolute shithole.

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