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Are you a bit confused about what a PS3 is actually FOR? We don't blame you, it's nothing like a traditional games machine - because it hasn't got any games.

Here's how Sony is trying to convince people to buy PS3. They're saying it's also an MP3 player and CD player and DVD player, plus you can put photos on it and use it like a big, ugly memory stick. Clearly some sort of apology is in order from all those that criticised this wonder-machine!

Free BlueRays DVDs!

We have no idea where Sony's buying its DVD player from - ASDA's got loads for 15 quid. Oh wait, it's probably buying an over-priced Sony one.

  • Optional Wii adaptor to play games (RRP £1,000,000)
  • Optional Xbox 360 adaptor to play games months/years earlier
  • Vibrating controllers (expected Spring 2008)
  • Patience

    A man called Chris made this. He almost certainly used something a bit more advanced than Paint.

    Pirated movie formats - priceless

    The one for Wii will be a Wii beside a dusty copy of Zelda.
    Blogger PkerUNO said...
    Because of course the PS3 is a great portable MP3 player!

    And obviously Blu-Ray players totally can't play DVDs or CDs, right?
    Blogger Luvbeers said...
    Yeah a 15 quid DVD player can also play CD's, .Mp3s, .Divx, and browse photos.

    So basically they are saying that for an extra 285 quid you can play blu-rays if you buy a PS3 instead.
    Blogger Luvbeers said...
    Blogger Luvbeers said...
    I just noticed that on the right hand side total, Sony was cheeky enough to knock off the 99p while on the otherside they kept the 98p!
    Blogger Fiddy-Pence said...
    Also, where are they pulling that MP3 player price from? For £30 less you can get an iPod with double the space as their new and degraded PS3.
    Blogger Luvbeers said...
    and the Wii:
    Blogger Michael Rossell said...
    Man, Sony must shop from a catalogue! That receipt is WAY too expensive! You can get that lot for less than £100 from Tesco!
    Blogger lol said...
    Did anyone else think "Goatse" when they first saw this?
    Blogger Ben said...
    Actually, if they're calling it an MP3 player - suggesting a portable one at that, by the pic - they really ought to add in a set of dumbbells and a resistance weight-training machine to the price list on the left.
    Blogger Resident said...
    What kind of piss-weak DVD player are you buying for 15 quid?

    I mean, sure, if you don't care about audio or visual quality... but if that's the case, you might as well buy a Wii.
    Blogger alanjones said...
    Is the dusty copy of Zelda down to the fact they're too busy playing Super Mario Galaxy (ie. the best game of the last 10 years)?
    Blogger scully1888 said...
    Hmmmm, funny that.

    Because THIS: a Blu-Ray player that can play DVDs, CDs and MP3s, and it's only £302.48, or £248.99 if you use an Amazon trader instead.

    Which means you're paying an extra £50 to play games that everyone else played six months ago.
    Blogger colin said...
    That is weak sauce. Wow, it plays CDs. I haven't seen a console that could do that since the Sega CD! Oh, and everything else that played disc media since then, including the computer and DVD player everyone already has. Are they honestly bragging that their system plays CDs? Wow, does it also play phonographs and dispense tickets to the 1915 Worlds Fair? This is exactly the feature I am looking for in a games console in the year 2007.

    And it surfs the internet? Man, do I wish we already had something in our house that played DVDs, CDs, and surfed the internet. Oh wait. Me, and everyone else on earth, already has a computer that can do that. For half the price of a PS3 I can go into a computer shop and buy one of their low end (or used) computers that does all of those things, just better and with the added functionality of office functions. Sure it wouldn't play new games, but then, neither does the PS3.
    Blogger Mentski said...
    Is it me, or is that image trying to say you should buy a PS3 INSTEAD of a portable ipod-like MP3 player?

    Because, last I looked, a PS3 isn't very portable. And doesn't run on batteries. and doesn't even have a headphone socket.
    Blogger jon said...
    The 360 picture has missed off the MS-rape-me-for-a-gold-account online pay-as-you-go subscription, or failed to point out the gimpishness of the silver "proles only" account.

    qodyl - like quaaludes but soluble in water
    Blogger colin said...
    jon said...

    The 360 picture has missed off the MS-rape-me-for-a-gold-account online pay-as-you-go subscription
    I guess they figured if the PS3 one left out the "not actually usable for online gaming by human beings" warning, it was only fair.
    Blogger Geoff900 said...
    That image is complete bollox

    £40 a year for Xbox live
    Wireless adapter £54.99

    If you want a HDDVD player £109.99
    Blogger Geoff900 said...
    £40 a year for Xbox live
    Wireless adapter £54.99

    If you want a HDDVD player £109.99
    Blogger Geoff900 said...
    It's complete bollox,

    If you want to play on MP, £40

    If you want wireless £54.99

    If you want to watch HD movies £109.99
    Blogger colin said...
    Geoff900 said...

    That image is complete bollox

    £40 a year for Xbox live
    Wireless adapter £54.99

    If you want a HDDVD player £109.99
    Who wants an HDDVD player? Do you honestly think it matter which of Blu-Ray or HDDVD you get? That's like wondering which maker of 8 track tapes to back. By the time enough people have HDTV's to enable either HDDVD or Bluray to replace DVD, it won't matter, as a true replacement will be out. Something offering something besides just high def. Why anyone is wasting money following these two useless formats is beyond me. It'll be nice to brag about having owned them in about four years when no one even remembers they were out.

    As for having to pay for the HDDVD player for the 360, that's a good thing. As no one needs a HDDVD player, they aren't stuck paying extra for something they won't use.

    This same dumb argument is made every time anyone points out how much the PS3 is. Guess what, once you get past what it costs to play videogames on a videogame system, no one gives a rat's ass about the rest of your numbers.

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