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When the people of the Czech Republic talk about video games consoles, they don't blurt out "PlayStation" or "Nintendo" like it's still the early 1990s - they go for DREAMCAST!

Dreamcast still survives today in isolated pockets

HELLO FROM CZECH REPUBLIC: "Hello from Czech republic. I like to read UKR so I decided to send you pics from book I found in niece's hands. It shows many common life things include electronics in form of drawn pictures. The author of book had to be very distinguished as Dreamcast was choosed as example of true video game system (and not the Sony crap) which should be recognized by kids - Eso Rimmer."

'Choosed as example of true video game system'

Sadly they also like Macs.
Blogger Jawatron said...
whats with the rubber ring and the unbrella? Are we electric beach shopping this week?
Blogger John said...
Haha he's called Rimmer. Sorry *leaves*

wbxlugm - carrying heavy cereal
Blogger Cherry said...
It's okay, people!

The Mac has 'RIP' written on its screen! The artist has good taste after all~
Blogger thebrave said...

Google is good at profiling your site's audience.
Blogger botdad said...
damn, the czech dreamcasts are slim!
Blogger Julien said...
Oh. My. God.

I live in France, and my sister had the same image book, except it was in French. And I remember well this picture, of a video game system, starring DREAMCAST !

Yeah, actually it's important to give a good tast to young fellows. Isn't it?
Blogger GoFo said...
damn you've been kota-quoted....again.... YOU US BASTARDS! find contents

zlkzrz : new motorola phone
Blogger Ian said...

Cock-tackle more like.

CTRL-C & CTRL-V are their only editing tools it seems.
Blogger friedlizard said...
Dreamcast: filed along with VCRs, analogue cameras and decade-old Macs.

Blogger Branch-me-do said...
"so I decided to send you pics from book I found in niece's hands"

after I pump poison gas into house to kill entire family!

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