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Contractual obligations require us to also do the whole words/picture/caption thing on several other "feeds" across the internet. Here are a few of the least low lowlights from the past week.
  • This thing about Ninja Gaiden 2, because it's the only game keeping us alive with hope right now.

  • This thing about an idea for an exciting new way to waste everyone's time that MTV had.

  • This thing about FIFA Street 3 of all things.

  • This thing about the Xbox Live Video Store, because it's easiest writing about things you already sort of know about.

  • This thing about Korean ladies displaying a bus, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Korean bus display record

    A must try harder C+.
    Blogger Cunzy11 said...
    Blogger Gnac said...
    Would, DEFINITELY WOULD, and would.
    Blogger ken said...
    The one on the right is asking the reader to concentrate on the area where she is pointing towards...she probably wants a dreamcast loving geek to give her some "would"
    Blogger Jawatron said...
    This whole cross pollination thing smacks of... erm... something bad.

    Blogger ian said...
    One on the left, would.
    One on the right, looks like she is a he and is hiding a large pair of testicles beneath the skirt.

    Word verification:whbbk
    James Bond's signature weapon upside-down...
    (fucking tenuous I know)
    Blogger Naveed said...
    yeah well the one hiding the testicles is still 10 times hotter than short hair chick.


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