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We have also been putting in the very minimum amount of effort across "the network" on various other news portals this week. These are the ones we are least ashamed of. They are, as ever, of varying quality.
  • This thing about a toy for losers which features references to mugging pensioners AND a review of Spider-Man 3 all in 153 words.

  • This hilarious thing about a developer ripping the piss out of PS3 in style.

  • This thing where we RISKED DEATH by saying Halo 3 is boring on an Xbox blog. Nobody noticed.

  • This thing where Nintendo revealed European hardware sales for all three consoles, which will really annoy the number Nazis at ChartTrack.

  • This thing about the Airbus A380 because aeroplanes ROCK and we wanted to use the word "carrier" in a serious context.

  • This thing about the LG "Rumor" because you pretty much have to use photos like this when they come along:


    This isn't today's proper update, so don't go getting all angry about being palmed off with a list of links. Something rubbish about Sonic or SEGA will be along in a couple of hours.
    Blogger Carriageman said...
    Would and Would
    Blogger Richard Stratton said...
    What's the word I am looking for? Oh yes, "prostitute".
    Blogger Jawatron said...
    Blogger Cunzy11 said...
    Weekly you remind people that you have a real job which suggests you might leave your flat which probably isn't adorned floor to ceiling with Sega memorabilia and dodgy porn DVDs you used to buy and do posts about.

    Stop it, your ruining it for everyone.
    Blogger Cunzy11 said...
    CLASSIC! Your instead of You are!

    What a prick. Ghey.
    Blogger Halverde said...
    "The network" doesn't appear to have any readers, judging from the comments fields.
    Blogger Bas said...
    Richard, the words you are looking for are "would" and "would."
    Blogger Anthony Barret said...
    I'm sure I saw the one on the left in "Banging Little Beavers in the Big Bus" but the one on the right...she might have been in something really classy like "No Boys Just Toys".

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