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Never before has the word "fair" been so inappropriately used. A room full of men in suits is not a fair. The Game Career Fair was a sort of recruitment drive that ran as part of the very worthy London Games Festival last week, which we fortunately managed to avoid being any part of.

At least two people went to the Career Fair, though, as they sent us photos of some amazing SEGA items that SEGA was giving away to lure people into its clutches.


ATTENDEE 1: "I went down to London today to go to the Games Careers Festival in Whitechapel (what a shit-hole, btw) in a vain attempt to get a job within the games industry. I failed, but the blow was softened by the SEGA stand and their goody bag. After dodging the freaky guy presenting at the stand I managed to take a few bags while they weren't looking and inside was some cool shit. Well a crappy booklet, a SEGA logo sticker and two sweets!"


"The highlight is the sweets. Very cool. I wanna try one but I'd rather hold onto them and send them to you guys in a few years. Hell, maybe they'll become a collectors item. Oh, and sorry about the quality of the photos. I know you love the high-res stuff, but these were taken using my EyeToy. At least it gives you another reason to hate on Sony for its crappy EyeToy picture quality. Anyway, Cheers for reading - URBANmonkey (Richard Harrison). Put both as the source so my mates will know its me and how famous I'll be if I make it onto UK:R!"


ATTENDEE 2: "Recently went the Game Career Fair. SEGA kinda have a crap showing in the UK but fancy freebies, so I took some photos. I have the super-hi-res versions if that's what you're into. Incidentally, the guy I spoke to at Team 17 definitely had to be drunk... I could smell it - Pyrii."


It is UTTERLY BEWILDERING that SEGA has a brand of sweets, yet not one of these sweets - let alone the HUGE BAG we deserve - have made their way to UKR headquarters.
Blogger Pyrii said...
There were no suits, which was rather creepy. The SEGA people were nice, it's just a shame they have nothing I could do in the UK.

EA got a tough time during thier seminar about thier working conditions, they were trying so desperately to be hip and cool.

And if you want freebies, then you should at least take the time to earn them! =P
Blogger Robotron2084 said...
Is it true that these Sega sweets cure many illnesses ? If I had one, would it be ok for me to leave this place ? I could forget forever the naughty men in white.

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Blogger Jawatron said...
They probably cant be seen to condone the litany of masterbation references, cream rabbit reader fantasy pornography, perverts in furry sonic suits, or unhealthy obsession with balloons that this site seems to attract.

Start a new blog called I HEART SEGA and then ask them for sweets.
Yes the T17 lads had been out Tuesday until early hours... we're hardly the corporate types! (No suits)

If you think the slight aroma of a good night is one thing, then you might have been more impressed with the carnival atmosphere we had at the 2006 'fair'. We were prevented from repeating the chaos this year and were actually fairly professional :)
Blogger DirtyDerek said...
He said 'we', which both implies that he works for Sega and sounds like 'wee'.
Blogger Jawatron said...
by 'carnival atmosphere' do you mean scantily clad oily women with feathers stuck down their pants?
No, our carnival consisted of an impromptu music set by a 40-odd year old Indian artist we knicknamed "Delvis", free vodka (much to the disgust of the EA sponsored bar), drawing cocks on stuff and giving away our concept art to visitors. We were told to "turn the fun down". You had to be there...

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