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These are the official photos from the video game BAFTA awards that took place a couple of days ago. The photos are mostly of the event's celebrity guests, rather than anything to do with the actual video games or the game makers.

If BAFTA's still this embarrassed about video gaming, perhaps it ought to just give up on the whole thing?

Athlete, BAFTA's chums

This is Athlete. They are someone at BAFTA's favourite band, despite churning out really dull electro dirge.

Not contributed a note to Britain's proud musical heritage

That's Charlie Simpson from Busted, although his press people would prefer it if he was called Charlie Simpson from Fightstar.

Dom Jolly from off the telly

Not only do we know lots about youth culture and pop music as illustrated by the above two captions, we can also recognise Dom Jolly from off the telly.

Dom Jolly from off the telly again

Obviously we have selectively edited the material. BAFTA sent out 9 photos of game developers and publishers, compared to 11 photos of celebrity guests. Three of the developer shots were of Will Wright, though, so technically there were only 7 game pics.

Gareth Gates hasn't jumped off a cliff yet

That's Gareth Gates, who hasn't got much to do these days other than sit at home playing Miles' Football Manager.

Men from Hollyoaks

Men from Hollyoaks. The one on the left got to kiss a quite pretty girl for a while, but then she tried to murder him. The one on the right is the gormless one who's unlucky in love and only gets rubbish comedy storylines about ill-fated business ventures.


Peter Serafinowicz, who is quite popular at the moment with people who have the ability to laugh at other peoples jokes.

Comedic low point

Uh-oh. Dom Jolly has resorted to a "comedic point." His career is over.

Remi Nicole. Probably a Radio 1 DJ

This is Remi Nicole. We will be honest and say we have no idea who she is, plus she's not pretty enough to bother Googling to find out.

Secretly thinks games are for losers who are wasting their life

Vic Reeves. Not currently developing anything for Xbox Live Arcade as far as we are aware.

Vicki Butler Henderson XXX

Vicki Butler Henderson. We have supplied this image in clickable high-resolution, just in case you want to analyse her in close-up detail. We are hopeful this will result in significant Google traffic.

Wonky men

And this is why BAFTA mostly sent out celebrity photos.
Blogger Ian said...
Oh, I dunno. Those two lady games designers scrub up well. In short, would.

Incidentally, discovered a new woamn to obsess over instead of the increasingly ropy looking Booth, Anna Fowler. Goodness me.

Word verification: dubxt
Shitty music made using the DOS prompt
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Didn't UK:R win a BAFTA?

kipjehce- The word verification you get after you fuck up the first three
Blogger Guru Larry said...
Is it me, or does Dom Jolly look like that bloke who can hear peoples thoughts out of "Heroes" now?
Blogger Justin said...
Watch out, Vicki looks like she's been stuffing extra brains in her forehead in case of emergency. At least, that's how I explain that massive forehead.
Blogger supersonicjim said...
I reckon the games what won include some of these:

Football Manager 2008
Football Manager 2008 (for PS2)
Football Manager 2149.

Those women in the last photo are probably from Home and Away, no women works on games.
Blogger supersonicjim said...
Actually, I looked on their web page;

Best Action and Adventre: Wee-wee Sports
Best RTS: Wee-wee Sports
Best Multiplayer: Wee-wee sports
Casual: Wee-wee Sports
Gameplay: Wee-wee Sports
Innovation (gimmicks): Wee-wee Sports
Artistic Achievement: Wee-wee sports.
Best use of Blood and Gore: Wee-wee Sports.
Best Game to tell your mother you're a homosexual: Wee-wee sports
Best Masturbation Simulator: Wee-wee sports.

Bloody Peter Files doing game award shows.
Blogger aido said...
since when did dom joly have a career?

cqvwwm - hidden Final Fantasy XII monster
Blogger Javier said...
I thought the woman in the red gown in the last pic was a man.

Honestly, I'm not trying to sound horrible, I just thought it was a man pretending to be funny and pulling a stunt and that was why you put it up as a full resolution pic.

sbuxmm - someone clearly enjoying anal sex
Blogger Nick said...
supersonicjim also picked up a couple of awards for 'Least funny comments on a Videogame site' and 'Clearly trying too hard'.

Well Done.
Blogger John said...
How the fuck did you know all that?
Shame to see Dom Jolly as a right tubber now...
Also, get Blogger to fix their tab order; when I put my username and press tab, it takes me UP, and highlights the Disabled symbol. I find this highly offensive.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
Is it ironic that while celebrities are normally invited to these events to make things look pretty (re: Halo 3 launch), the celebrities at the Bafta Gaming Awards were all ugly?!

No really, I've forgotten the definition of ironic...

asfbmfji - An acronym for a very spercific and bizarre ASBO.
Blogger Jawatron said...
flame him, flame him, flame him, FLAME HIM, FLAME HIM, FLAME HIM
Blogger Ooshka said...
Could someone please tell 'Charlie from Busted' that no-one makes that hand sign anymore.

Oh, and to fuck off and die, thanks.
Blogger Saphion said...
I fully endorse the comment made by Ooshka.
Blogger Wim said...
Shocker > Horns.
Blogger Tommy said...
The comments made in this article and by the posters are a disgrace. [although to be fair on the posters, they don't have much of an obligation to make any kind of sense being as they are; probably unemployed retards] It seems to me that all of you have ironically got caught up in making gaming super hip and cool, or perhaps you all have inferiority complexes and have to rip it out of the Abertay folks for making such a smart game. Incidentally, I happen to know all the people in that shot and every one of them looks better than the airhead celebrities in the other shots. They all don't like RnB, nuff said. To the Ed - stop thinking of Macs while you masturbate, it's unbecoming of you.
Blogger Shaun said...
I'll second that.

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