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Blood everywhere! The blood of the arrogant! PlayStation3 had the biggest hammering of its entirely hammering-based lifetime last month, as Xbox 360 and Wii both outsold the overpriced HD shitbox by FOUR TIMES.

Even if the magical price cut and introduction of an even worse version of the hardware boosts sales by, say, 178 percent, it'll still be LAST BY A FUCKING MILE. JOY OF JOYS! TYRANNY HAS ENDED!
360: 527,000
Wii: 501,000
DS: 495,000
PSP: 284,000
PS2: 215,000
PS3: 119,000
GBA: 75,000

Sony will finish in third place this console generation, beaten by a PC that breaks all the time and a child's toy. The mighty have fallen - TO DEATH!
Blogger Carriageman said...
Halo 3 did its job then for the 360
Blogger Endemion said...
Console sales go up if you release a good game.

No one tell Sony though, they haven't worked this out yet.
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
Don't bring Halo into the discussion. It proves that console buyers are all gormless 13 year olds and in which case there's an argument that the PS3 is/was (may it rest in peace) actually a sane choice for mature buyers.

See how this could get out of hand
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
Ha! The PSP! I remember that.
Blogger ubermod said...
Shurely September's sales pre-date the introduction of the 40gig model and price cut?
Blogger Jawatron said...
Wouldn't it be better to keep Sony barely clinging on to life in the basement rather than kill it off entirely?

Better as an example to others and more joy over time.

We could use Romford as a conservation area.
Blogger Chilvers said...
I saw the PSP sales and remembered the PSP blog from last year, "All I want for Christmas is a PSP." Wondered what it was doing now, it's a Haagen Dazs promo site. WTF?
Blogger Jeroen said...
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I have only heard 1 squeaky voice on Halo 3 so far. I think this generation has left a lot of younger gamers behind.
Blogger ecaps said...
In the wallstreet Journal Jack Tretton said " The missing backwards compatibility will rise the ps3 game sales"
Muhaha... did he do some drugs before the interview ??
Blogger Bourega said...
what the fuck, how can the GBA still be selling like that?!?

If i was Sony and I saw that I'm only doing 50% better than the GBA I'd have quit by now.

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