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This is NiGHTS on Wii. NiGHTS would seem to have a bit of a fetish for touching the bottoms of very large birds. It's quite a disgusting sight.

Wii NiGHTS and bottom-touching

He's not shy about getting in there. Perhaps he's just consumed six pints of Stella? That's usually the minimum requirement for touching the bottoms of big birds.

Wii NiGHTS and bottom-touching

At least he's wearing white surgical gloves.

Wii NiGHTS and bottom-touching

He ought to roll his sleeves up first, though.
Blogger bilal said...
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Blogger David Mackenzie said...
He? What kind of NiGHTS fans are you :p
Blogger bilal said...
phew i'm not the only one then

i just posted up there about nights being a she and calling UKR twats but deleted it in case i'd got ahead of myself.

but apparently not.

he indeed...
Blogger Mentski said...
You're all twats.

NiGHTS isn't male OR female.
Blogger AbyssUK said...
WHy does this make me think of all creatures great and small.... oh yeah excessive putting of ones arm up animals arseholes.

jyxgevhq - Jynx GigaElectronVolt HQ, she/he/it is a superheros with mighty long arms for doing dental work via the ass.
Blogger Henric said...
his pedo hands will get you!!11
Blogger ken said...
nights is justing touching a bird's ass....whats wrong with that? isn't that like a dream for most gaming geeks?......must be jealousy I say!

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