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Now we're no business experts, but we're pretty sure phrases like "operating loss increased" and "PS3-related inventory write-downs" can only mean good times are ahead for all haters of Sony's gaming division.
"Meanwhile, Sony posted a wider operating loss in the Game segment of 96.7 billion yen or $841 million from loss of 43.5 billion yen in the prior year, primarily due to the loss arising from strategic pricing of PS3 at points lower than its production cost. The higher PS3-related inventory write-downs also affected the results negatively" - Global Business News.

Of course, total revenue was up thanks to selling PS3 at a loss. But even our shrivelled business brains can tell that's not a sustainable plan "going forwards."
Blogger Nikomus said...
Clearly the readership are maintaining a no picture no comment policy.

Except me.

Blogger Patrick said...
I know business stuff.

I can officially declare that you are RIGHT and that losses are a Bad Thing.

Don't you feel better now?

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