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Remember this post about some Spanish people who were planning on sending plastic poo to Sony Europe? No, neither do we. It was filler at best. Anyway, they actually went through with it and posted a box full of fake poo to Sony Europe.

Here's the proof:

And, seeing as no one believes anything any more unless it's supplied in video format, here is the proof in video format:

Not entirely sure what's happening, thanks to the Language barrier and the insanity barrier.

This is a translation of the letter they sent to Sony alongside the box of poo, seeing as it's all in Spanish on the web site:
Dear Sir or Madam,

It must be quite hard to open a box and find 45 plastic poos and their corresponding complaints about your company on the inside.

And so is putting up with the way you have been treating European customers: constant delays, overpriced and underfeatured consoles, and so on.

Nothing you are not aware of, we believe.

We at (the videogame website with a highest ratio of atomic lizards per pixel) decided to take one step forward and speak up for your disillusioned customers. We came up with a campaign asking our readers to endorse a plastic poo and have it sent to your office, which you can read here.

The campaign was a success. It looks like people were expecting a chance to get back at you, and you are holding the (soft) evidence in your hands.

We are well aware of the fact that both Sony Spain and SCEE have their hands tied in this matter and the legitimate addressees of this letter are those Japanese businesspeople with small hands and twisted hearts over at SCEI. Thus, we encourage you to forward this parcel to your superiors in the land of the rising sun. We did not translate the complaints into Japanese, but alas, they do not seem to be very concerned about localising their games into our languages either. Even so, we believe they will not have much trouble in understanding the basic idea: one could say a box full of plastic poos speaks for itself.

We hope you do not take this wrong. Having unhappy customers is still much better than having no customers at all. We just feel like broken-hearted, resentful lovers. Most of us have purchased all your consoles and we felt rather let down when the PS3 was finally launched in Europe- perhaps because we had such high expectations about it. To us, booting up your system for the first time was like finding out that the girl of your dreams wears a wig, lacks three front teeth and is actually not a girl, but a male Nintendo fan.

Receive a cordial greeting from us and our readers.

Yours faithfully,
Blogger William said...
oh shiiit

Blogger Winckle said...
You should have put it through babel fish twice, for more humour.
Blogger Jawatron said...
yeah it's a bit serious and right-on. They could have spiced it up by typing CUNTS a few times or making the first letters of each line make up 'SONY ARE CUNTS' or infact any sort of cunt motif would have worked.
Blogger slim1945 said...
Why use fake poo? my dog craps twice a day, would'nt take long to save up a box load.
Blogger Billy Morris said...
I'd send them a turd with the following note attached:-

I never bought any of your products from liksang but thanks for closing then down you f**king a$$ holes, now I can't use them for the rest of their 'non-$ony' products. I'm still fuming about it today!
AND to make things worse SONY are now helping the BPI against CDWOW for importing lower cost cd's.
It's called a GLOBAL economy $ony you cheeky greedy f**king corporate cunts!
Consumer's don't DO regions, got it!?

LOL I note they did'nt post them a box full of PS3's, I don't think they would have got the irony, and we don't want to add to $ony's delusional sales figues either.
Blogger Kiigan said...
The "small hands" comment seems a bit off though. And yes, real poo would have been far more fun.

stlpd - (v) to be taken up the bum unexpectedly, e.g. "I can't believe I bought a PS3, I've been totally stlpd"
Blogger dw2k6 said...
Kotaku stole this update, Again.
Blogger Trilby said...
I'm glad to see they've complied with the recent EU legislation requiring every foreign country to use Plastic Bertrand as the soundtrack to any piece of video footage they ever produce.
Blogger Wim said...
They're using Plastic Bertrand because, just like Sony, it's shit.
Sir or wanted lady, Must be absolutely hard to open a box and to find 45 plastic poos and their corresponding complaints on its company in the interior. And it is tolerating so the way that you are been treating European clients: the constant delays, too expensive and underfeatured consoles, et cetera. Nothing you are not found out, we creates. In (the Web site of the game of video with a higher quotient of atomic lizards by the pixel) we decided to take a step ahead and to speak for above for its disappointed clients. We came for above with a campaign that requested that our readers endorse poo plastic and they make it send to its office, that you can read here. The campaign was a success. It seems people counted on an occasion to obtain behind in you, and you are carrying out the evidence (of the smoothness) in your hands. We are found out the fact that well Sony Spain and SCEE they have its hands tied in this matter and the legitimate adressees of this letter are those businesspeople Japanese with the small hands and the hearts twisted above in SCEI. Thus, we animated to him to that it sends east package to its superior ones in the Earth of the rise sun. We did not translate the complaints to Japanese, but wings, do not look like to be very at issue on locating to their games in our languages anyone. Even therefore, we think that they will not have much hardship in understanding the basic idea: one could completely say that to a box of plastic poos speech for itself. We hoped that you do not take badly this. To have unfortunate clients still is far better that not having no client in all. Hardly we felt like lovers broken-hearted, suffered. Most of us they have bought all its consoles and we felt we left something down when the PS3 finally was sent in Europe perhaps because we had such high expectations on her. To us, to kick upon his system for first time was like to discover that that the girl of her dreams uses a wig, that lacks three front teeth and that are not really a girl, only a masculine ventilator of Nintendo. Receive a warm greeting of us and our readers. Sincerely,

halfsqh - a rectangle.

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