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UK web retailer Kanection has had its launch allocation increased!




  • Web retailer Simply Games is already discounting PS3, selling pre-orders for 415 pounds.

  • Gameplay, who we forgot about, also has some left.

  • We walked along Oxford Street yesterday. London's busiest shopping street. HMV and GAME were still taking pre-orders.

  • The FT says Sony's claims of PS3 "shortages" are "baffling".
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    Blogger hollywooda said...
    Hardly anyone has bothered to pre-order a PS3 in Europe... Suddenly this morning Sony pay off immersion & get rumble back in the Shitaxia (wotever they called that fucking thing) coincidence?.....desperation!
    Blogger Saphion said...
    I cannot wait for the day anything Sony-related just literally crumbles and vanishes just out of sheer shitness.

    I also blame Sony for Phantasy Star Universe being a bit shit compared to Phantasy Star Online, purely because PS2 was it's intended platform.

    How the fuck am I going to get my PSO fix now? Fucking Sony. I hope they fucking die. In a fucking fire.

    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    So much desperation...

    Well, Curry's are taking pre orders (for 50 quid deposit :O ), but the actual pre order code doesn't we can't take any orders or process any good is that!
    Blogger Chris said...
    Some more info on the Oxford Street offer for HMV PS3 pre-orders; they require you to put down a £100 deposit in order to pre-order, which I think is putting more people off (that is to say, not many).

    Keep up the anti-PS3 news and hello to all in the UK!
    Blogger Liam said...
    Saw an amazing offer in the local GAME yesterday. You give them your XBox 360 Premium and they will sell you a launch day PS3 for ONLY £244.99!

    How can anyone resist?
    Blogger schteddy said...
    Amazon France still have them but Amazon Germany aren't taking orders yet
    Blogger Dawginson said...
    I went past Game in Canterbury today and the ENTIRE SHOP FRONT was dedicated to beg people to pre-order a PS3.

    They literally had multiple copies of the same few posters covering almost the entire windows; including one advertising that you could get a PS3 on launch day cheaper if you traded in your Wii.

    Let me reiterate that. Wii's are in huge demand, wanted by everyone, and everywhere is sold out. Game want you to trade in your extremely rare much-wanted console to get a discount PS3 on launch day even though PS3s are going to be in warehouses and stores everywhere gathering dust.

    I actually pointed and laughed for several minutes, like for real.
    Blogger Robin said...
    The HMV in southport had posters saying pre-order your PS3 £100 deposit required. I went past today and thats been cut in half to £50!

    Makes me Smile ^_^
    Blogger Robin said...
    This post has been removed by the author.
    Blogger primaleyes said...
    One of the best things about the PS3, is the fact that the PS2 will finally die.

    Despite having some playable games, the machines visual-output is appalling. I just can't stand PS2 3D, all the games look anorexic compared to the plump juiciness of most good Xbox/Gamecube/Dreamcast titles.

    PS3 will stamp the PS2 out, and for that fact, I like the machine.
    Blogger Zack said...
    nice layout
    Blogger Raton-Laveur said...
    MSPaint for the win
    Blogger keyrat said...
    hey guys, i don't get why you hate it so much. i have a ps3 and it takes a shit on both the 360 and the Wii. sure, the price makes me want to kill myself, but apart from that, it's a lot nicer.
    Blogger Tom said...

    Who the fuck are they?

    Some real news please, possibly including pictures of cosplay and masturbation, preferably together, thanks.

    "dnery" - Being Dyslexic yet nerdy?
    Blogger Nigel Tufnel said...
    See here, I don't own any of these *cough* "Next-gen" consoles yet, and I don't plan to for a few months, but this is shit. You're ripping the shit out of Sony for providing the U.K with a large allocation of consoles?

    The PS3 isn't being sold in the run up to xmas, like the 360 was. Also the PS3 has 2 competitors on the market, which the 360 didn't at the time. Looking at it relatively, it's not doing shit...

    I don't see the point of buying at launch anyway, paying over the odds for a console and a game you'll most likely complete in less than 8 hours these days (or 6 in Crackdown's case), which hangs all it's hopes on online-fucking-play. If I wanted to hear pre-pubescent kids shouting in my ear I would abuse the caretaker job that's being advertised at my local primary school.

    "algzh" I'm not even gonna bother.
    Blogger Saphion said...
    We've a few more contenders for the "I've completely missed the point of UK:R" award, methinks.
    Blogger rebel jedi said...
    nigel turnip - complete Crackdown in 6 hours? how do you know if you haven't got a next gen console? either way you're talking crap, that game can be played for weeks n still be fun, if you'd played it you'd realise. fool.

    and do you have no friends to play or chat with, so you have to chat to pre-pubescent kids during online games? that's just sad.

    face it, the ps3 is crap, the wii and 360 piss on it.
    Blogger keyrat said...

    it's not missing the point, it's just that by totally hating on the PS3 UK:R implies that the Wii or 360 are the ones to go with, when in reality, they suck balls.
    Blogger Brystar said...
    Except The New York Times, Maddox, and many others have ripped into the PS3.

    Even the Inquirer are as well about all the BS associated with the Playstation 3.

    To be honest when it comes to making a stand and putting their views across (nevermind the basic reports of what is going on, partly brought to attention by UK:R and other websites) i'd rather take what they say rather than somebody who bases a console being great because the other consoles "Suck balls"

    All consoles post my Dreamcast suck balls. My Dreamcast is like an arcade in my room, which means I get to avoid puffyjacket brigade and others nevermind eating my money. It all comes down to the games, and sadly the PS3 is utilising nothing special that the others don't have that warrants my full attention...

    Wowser, first time I reply on here and I rant. damen!
    Blogger Saphion said...

    Uh-huh. If you say so.
    Blogger nodesofyesod said...
    Keyrat, your use of such pithy wordage as "sucks balls" and "hating" suggests to me that you are an American - or if not, a person who goes on websites populated by such tossers.

    "it's not missing the point, it's just that by totally hating on the PS3 UK:R implies that the Wii or 360 are the ones to go with, when in reality, they suck balls."

    YES YOU HAVE MISSED THE POINT OF UK:R If you hadn't then you would understand that the only next-gen console UK:R ever implies is great is the fucking Dreamcast.
    At this moment it is just that Microsoft and Nintendo do not pull embarrassing PR gaffes every day of the fucking week, and consistently lie and treat with disdain, fans, press and developers.
    Blogger Halverde said...
    your all fanboyz i bet you dont even own a ps3

    (Which you quite easily could, since nobody wants one.)

    Is there a way to block replies from people who are too stupid to understand the site? Or is that more Web 3.0 stuff?
    Blogger jawa said...
    nice new graphics to entice our new sony fanboy department.

    Blogger keyrat said...
    right, what was i thinking? the ps3's shite; it seems you all know what's goin' on.
    Blogger burnblaze said...
    Keyrat - Why come to this site?

    This site is about trolling the games industry and resurecting Sega as the King of all that is Dreamcast.

    "'s just that by totally hating on the PS3 UK:R implies that the Wii or 360 are the ones to go with, when in reality, they suck balls."

    I never understand why people who post this kind of shit the comic writer who said "games are for paedos".

    How about if you don't like what you see here - FUCK OFF AND DO NOT RETURN YOU PS3 OPINIONATED MINDSLAVE.

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