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In America, at least, where it would appear they've now caught up with the jokes we were making in the late 1970s.

Thumbing it in

Modern 'pads' are much more dependent on thumbs than wrists. In fact, it's pretty much nothing to do with the wrist at all these days - unless you're a fat 45-year-old marketing man with no new ideas for weak sexual innuendo to sell your tat to some idiots.

  • "Push my buttons" - sounds a bit like turning a woman on

  • "Let me go on top" - split-screen gaming phrase that sounds a bit like a sexual position

  • "Waggle my stick" - by 'stick' they might actually mean 'cock' and by 'waggle' they might mean 'masturbate' or 'rub' even though no one uses sticks any more

  • "You came up my arse" - driving game reference that could also possibly also infer anal sex

  • "Let's take turns" - possible roasting/group sex multiplayer misunderstanding with hilarious and/or sexual harassment in the workplace consequences.

  • "There's a party in my pocket" - your new handheld gaming device is as much fun as having a wank
  • Blogger Gazbowski said...

    (yay I've been waiting ages to be the first person to say that - I can die a happy man now thanks)
    Blogger Wind-up said...
    I hate to spoil a good joke, but ... As it's a motion-sensing controller, the 'wrist' line could actually be relevant ~
    Blogger Dave said...
    "play with my joystick" sounds way better than "waggle my stick". You know. Cock. Stick of joy. Et cetera.
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    Cheers for the enlightenment. Maybe you should be working for Dave...
    Blogger V1L3 said...
    Wind-up: Quite. It's like commenting on what idiots the writers of the Simpsons must be because Homer said something stupid.

    On a side note, has anyone else heard about the Sega Mega Drive compilation that's being released for the PSP? Is this site even about Sega anymore?
    Blogger defenestrator said...
    Why not:

    "Finally, The Sloppy Seconds of Third Party Video Game Controllers is in Your Hands."


    "Now, the Cosplay Bukkake of Sweatshop-Produced Gamepads is Upon You."

    or even:

    "Like Having Anal Sex with your Sister, the GPad Pro Delivers the Best of Both Worlds."

    See? Advertising genius.
    Blogger jawa said...
    i like the last one best defenestrator. but thats why i had to introduce myself to everyone on my new street before i could move in.

    and would. but only if she kept her greasy clothes on.

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