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We've been sent photos of the inside of SEGA World Sydney, back during the short period it was open and seemed like maybe being financially viable.

It looks like they had too much space to put everything in, and as if the whole place was designed by the BBC special effects department in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. In 1981.

In short, it looks rubbish.

SEGA World, Sydney, looking good at least from the outside

It's a nice sign. We'd be tempted in by that. Before you scroll down, be warned that this is by far the highlight of the photos. If you're sensitive about having your dreams about SEGA palaces crushed, don't scroll down.

Jimmy, NOOOOO!

The quality of these photos isn't good enough to tell if that's a real person or a model of a person. Stupid 2001 cameras and their abysmal pixel counts. Either way, it's a rubbish sign that looks like it belongs in the 1940s not a cutting-edge SEGA amusement/dream-making facility.

SEGA Prison Adventure

This is rubbish. It's like a Soviet Union children zoo. That's not fun. And it's dirty. The poor kids.

Blakes 7, series 3, episode 9: Transit

This is the family. Dad's taking the photos and mentally totting up how much money he's wasted on this amazingly disappointing day out.

Nothing to say

Not really that exciting.

Nothing to say

Not really that exciting.

Babylon 5, series 2, episode 13: The Fall of the Darkness

We know people got more excitied about rubbish things back in the 'old days' before all the cool stuff we have now was invented, but this was only made in the late 1990s. Even in the late 1990s we wouldn't have got excited about a big plastic tube standing on an unconvincing sci-fi floor.

Nothing to say

As disappointing as the SEGA AGES series.


So this is why no one goes to arcades any more, and why SEGA Worlds are being replaced by more branches of Starbucks the world over. We now stand for the complete annihilation of these miserable hell holes.


Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
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Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
Once again a scarely accurate right-up, the scenery is definately Blakes 7 -esque, altough I would say more series 3episode 6 (city at the edge of the world).
Series 4 episode 9 was called 'Sand' by the way, probably one of the worst out iof a not so good series.
ahh, how I used to hurry home from swimming lessons to watch Blake's 7
Blogger Guru Larry said...
This is why the Dreamcast died, they spent all their money on utter shit instead of onvesting it in a f'king DVD drive for it!!!
Blogger wharever said...
You can go here...

to see what Sega does nowadays about big arcades. It is the newly open Sega Players Arena in China. There are pictures of the new Sega Formula Racer too.

The news are in japanese for your pleasure. They say something about 10.000 regularly visitors or something like that.
Blogger wharever said...
Actually, here...
Blogger Shadow Troll said...
Hey, read my site. It's gay!!!"

Behold my brain-washing!

Also, yes! I am, in fact, disabled, and cannot post this... I mean, I can't read the shit beneath me...
Blogger jawa said...
sega world looks like the out of town celabration station near mesquite in texas. only shitter. if thats possible.
Blogger amagni said...
Well i sent you my pics of the grave of Segaworld, but now I feel a bit trumped that someone else had actual photos of the stuff that was in it.
They had this tank game that you sat in a mini "tank" that was like a golf cart with a cage welded over the top and you could shoot tennis balls or something at the other tank. That was alright.
They also had one of those virtual reality helmet games with the blurry-eye goggles that you could go on for about 45 seconds and some shit with dolphins or something that was in 3d and you had those polarising 3d glasses.
It all felt a bit like seeing retarded people doing ballet and giving them those backhanded compliments about how they're "really brave".
"Well done Sega, you're such a battler to get up on stage and sing your Give Me Chaos songs! Oh, you made that for me? It's a gold ring made of macaroni and spraypaint? Oh it's lovely, yes of course I'll wear it to work."
Blogger phorenzik said...
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Blogger phorenzik said...
Perhaps if they all had those Sonic fruit machines in them they wouldn't have gone tits-up?
Blogger The GagaMan(n) said...
Sega World in London was fve times more interesting than that Sega World looks. At least, until it's final year when they just couldn't be bothered with it, and let it decay.
Blogger Tlaloc said...
Yep. I went to SegaWorld Sydney about 6 months before it sank. The pictures make it look better than it was. Bluntly, it was fuxxor.
Blogger floppylobster said...
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