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It's a box that says Sonic on it that someone thought we'd like to see. They took the photo on holiday and probably wish they'd saved the money and stayed at home watching telly if this was the highlight of the trip.

There's no way Kotaku is going to link to this :(

Play SONIC as in Sonic The Hedgehog

Maybe if it was an official SEGA cardboard box we'd be a bit more enthusiastic.


By Michael Zorg

Who's this in this box? Why, it's Cream The Rabbit!

"Hello, big strong man. Do you want to get into the box with me?"


"I'm naked apart from my little orange shoes"


We get in the box and a workman comes along, tapes up the box and puts it in a truck. The truck drives to Monaco and the journey goes really quickly because we're having sex all the time.

In Monaco there's a big house there which we're allowed to have for free and live in together forever with no one else ever talking to us. It's got satellite TV with all the sport and porn channels, and no internet or telephone.

The end.


Blogger bilal said...
i LOVE happy endings
Blogger Starke said...
You obviously don't get it, Zorg.

It says "Playsonic" which, if you pull it apart, can easily become "Play sonic"!

See? Play sonic! It's almost viral in its subtlety!!!!!!
Blogger mouphi said...
Is it just a typo of Panasonic?
Blogger Roddie said...
Judging by the image's alt tag, I think they got it, starke...
Blogger Starke said...
You really think so?

Crikey, it's almost as if I was pretending or something!
Blogger SonicFanatic said...
I take that as an instruction. In that manner, perhaps this post makes one iota of a public service out of UKR.
Blogger Sl1pstream said...
There's also a Viewsonic, should anyone care.
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
I'll wait for the 'ViewCream' box, if you don't mind, or maybe a 'PlayBooth', yes I like that idea

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