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No freakin' way! This is on Microsoft's Xbox 360 web site. It is (a) a woman, a woman who is (b) explaining about cables and high-def settings.

We're not ones for rampant sexism or anything, but... we've never met a woman who knows about the difference between VGA, component and HDMI. It's like the offside rule - their brains just don't get it.

Xbox 360 cable-explaining woman LIE

Obviously written by a man, or at the very least heavily edited and made to make sense by one.


Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
I understand how this came about, Microsoft Spell Check (sorry for swearing) The caption on the left is supposed to say ' Dessecated Necrophyle'
That's how she has the knowledge of cables, it's was sucked from the still warm brain of the bloke who came to install her Sky Box
Blogger CreamyRabbit said...
I still don't understand it all

I plug my VGA cable into my Computer monitor and the picture is really dark, plus I can never decide what resolution to set it at.
Blogger dan marshall said...
Of course. If they can't plug their XBox360s in, how are they going to be able to not play GTA properly on it:
Blogger Ooshka Bay said...
I'm sure the only cables she knows about are the ones involving a Dirty Sanchez - the technique which got her so far up the Microsoft career ladder, no doubt.
Blogger Juri said...
*rolls eyes*

Maybe on your side of the pond, women don't understand cables, but I don't have a problem setting up an A/V system. Sheesh.

-some chick in Chicago
Blogger Elle said...
You guys are mean. :''(

Rabbit, choose a resolution that's best for your monitor. If you've got an LCD display, it's probably got a optimum (or default, or native) resolution. (For example, some Dell widescreens have an optimum resolution of 1680x1050, but that varies by make and model). If you choose something other than the optimum resolution, your monitor (or the console) will have to scale the image, and some displays are better at scaling than others. If you have a CRT, you could probably choose the highest resolution your monitor will support (and perform well at), but really, it'll come down to what looks best.

Feel free to edit that. I know it's probably a little difficult for you guys to understand.
Blogger Dextov said...
dudes! the woman is hot. I'd listen to her cable advice even if it weren't correct. Too bad it is correct, now I know she isn't dumb and easy, but still... she's hot.
Blogger eagle said...
two articles on seting up cables " now the tricky bit we rectangle shaped plug i think ill shove it in the round hole"
Blogger bilal said...
guys i think you lot need to stop cussing people like this - they always end up reading it and getting mad/sad/etc :"(

except the gamelife kids - they're too busy to check out UKR. and even if they did they'd probably just swear at us and stuff.
Blogger CreamyRabbit said...
Thanks Elle!
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
>hero worship for Elle,
I bet she reads instruction manuals as well.
Elle, do you want a new pet to stroke?

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