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Carol Vorderman's got a PSP! We've also got PSP! This means when we fantasise about meeting her, it's now loads more realistic because we know what we'll be talking to her about before we inevitably have sex with her. Sex that we learn lots from because of how old she is.

Carol's Hot Sudoku action on PSP


London, May 2006, XPLOSIV, the multi-platform value range have announced that the ever popular Carol Vorderman Sudoku will be released on PlayStation2 and PSP in June 2006. The addictive and challenging puzzle craze that has swept the globe found a huge fan and supporter in best selling author and personality Carol Vorderman and these interactive games will allow Carol to show you how it's done.

Let her take you (YES!) step-by-step via live action video (YES!) explaining the methods of Sudoku and revealing handy hints so that you too can become a Sudoku master. If you feel you've mastered the methods of Sudoku then the game will allow you to lay down the gauntlet and challenge Carol to the ultimate Sudoku showdown.

'A better one please, Carol!'

As gadget enthusiast Carol said 'I love my PSP, it fits in my handbag and is really handy for someone like me who travels a great deal.' She adds, 'I can't wait to be able to play Sudoku on the PSP where and whenever I want.'

Sudoku has a huge appeal globally and Carol Vorderman Sudoku is perfect for the PSP and PS2 platforms. The additional formats will add a greater offering to Sudoku fans and more ways for them to feed their Sudoku habit' said Joanne Fawell, European Product Manager, Xplosiv.

As a self-confessed Sudoku addict, the Channel 4 Countdown presenter says: 'I have become completely obsessed and a bit of a saddo. I love competitions with friends to see who finishes first. I go for the fiendishly hard one and have got my time down from five hours to under twenty minutes.' She adds, 'Mind you I'm told off at home, at work and even in the hairdressers for going "into the Sudoku zone" and "not listening to a word anyone says".'

Sudoku challenges you to fill in the missing numbers in a 9x9 grid. It's a game of reasoning, that doesn't require calculating or special math skills - but instead focuses on concentration and brain power

Starring and presented by Carol Vorderman, Carol will appear in the form of live video and will talk the player through a number of features including:-

Exclusive features to PSP and PS2

· 2 player Mode
· Wireless game mode (PSP version only )

Arcade mode

· Beat the clock!
· Extra time
· Perfection
· 3 strikes and your out!
· High Score table

PS2, PC and PSP Features

· Over 1 million unique puzzles (tbc)
· 4 difficulty levels
· Over 30 minutes of high quality video featuring Carol Vorderman
· Step-by-step tutorial for beginners
· Hits and tips for advanced players
· Intuitive easy interface
· Customisable assist functions
· Ask Carol puzzle solver

Multiple game modes

· Classic
· Career mode
· Challenge Carol



Blogger capt_jax said...
Carol Vorderman's Bukkake, now that I'd go for.
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
But. surely a game of Sudoku lasts longer than the PSP's battery. Have they thought this through properly?
Blogger ThwartedEfforts said...
Wait. People actually do Sudoku puzzles for fun? I thought they were a way of making you look important on trains, like a laptop or a nice hat.

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