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This is an email we got, in its entirety. You can't edit down genius like this.

I'm a huge Sega fan and absolutely love your site, your trip to Sega page is pretty funny and now I want a Homestar! Anyway, thought I'd show off my Sonic tattoos while I'm here so take a look at them if you're interested.

Had the idea of having four Sonics running around my leg.


Sonic tattoo madness


We should've done this. You should have done this. What a man.


Blogger Super Joshua said...
It's more depressing when a beautiful girl gets a big ugly tattoo. d
Blogger Night_Trekker said...
I wonder if anyone has a Shadow tattoo. That would be so urban.
Blogger Searly said...
A Cream tattoo would be better.
Blogger alleycat20 said...
Is it ok for a girl to get a Cream tattoo? Where would be the best place for it do you think? If I were to have another tattoo it would have to be sega related!
Blogger Halverde said...
He stole my idea :(
Blogger Chris P. Bacon said...
get rid of the fucking flash ad - it crashes my firefox.
Blogger sssd said...
if you are using firefox, why don't you have adblock activated?

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