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Animal Crossing Wild World Museum curator Blathers is a SICK PERVERT who preys upon LOST CHILDREN, according to the findings of an internet blogger.

"Katie" - a young cat who frequently gets lost in one of the game's wi-fi link-up modes - made the allegations freely and without pressure. The game, sold for CHILDREN on Nintendo's popular DS system, must surely be withdrawn from sale with immediate effect as a result of these findings.

Animal Crossing child ring EXPOSED

Tom Nook is also implicated in the filthy child-trade ring. More on this as it breaks.

My Animal Crossing :)
Blogger Night_Trekker said...
I always knew something was off about Nook, but Blathers too?

What's the AC equivalent of D.C.F.? Someone has to get Timmy and Tommy out of the house.
Blogger Sl1pstream said...
You do know you're attracting all the annoying EGM kids that flooded animal crossing daily with this one, right?

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