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In a 12 minute monologue to camera! "They say it's portable, but you have to hook it up to your wall to charge it" is his most genius anti-DS argument. Is he trying to become the new, podgy, slightly retarded-looking face of internet video game TV?

The new, podgy, slightly retarded-looking face of internet video game TV

Watch it here. He looks like 50 people we know :(

TOMORROW: All the other video game-related Google Video/YouTube videos we've been sent over the last month.
Blogger FidoDido said...
Of course, you are aware this is meant to be irony? :)

Very, very poor and unfunny irony, but still irony.
Blogger DrunkMonk said...
I actually laughed at this quite a lot and thats a fact, check it on google.

But then I do laugh at fat people.
Blogger Koston said...
"PSP stands for Playstation Portable. DS... who knows what that stands for.."
-Complete Moron
"You can't play UMD on DS, I heard it on the radio"

What a retard.
Blogger Sl1pstream said...
Meh, it's pretty obvious that it's irony. If it was shorter, it would've been funnier, now it's just too long.
Blogger Tingle said...
He is what I always thought you lot looked like.
Blogger bilal said...
he's joking :)

problem is it's too long. i bet in real life he actually likes the DS more than the PSP, cos he's really clutching at straws there. if he was seriously against the DS he'd have a million reasons why.
Blogger V1L3 said...
"It's got two screens. Who cares! They have two screens on... everything!"

That was freakin' hilarious. Look it up folks, it's a fact. I also heard them say it on the radio.
Blogger John Hartnup said...
"GigaFLOP is garbage - you need a gigaBYTE" -- sheer comedy genius
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
DS > Donkey Shite - another Animal Crossing tie-in

looks like 50 people you know
1 - Telia
2 - Telia....
49 - Telia etc
Blogger Mark said...
Brevity etc.
Blogger Danimo said...
Wondering how long it took him to grow that beard, whilst probably wanking off to naked night elves in WoW, was funnier
Blogger Soap on a Rope said...
"You can even play the PSP while it's hooked up to the wall. It's true. I've done it before."

What was that about the DS not being portable because it had to be hooked up to the wall?
Blogger Amr Bekhit said...
OMG this is soo funny!

Listen to some of his shit:

"The PSP has built in wireless can hook up with other can't do that on a DS. If you'r friend has a PSP and you have a DS then you can't do it" Ergo, the DS is shit in his opinion.

Here's one of my favourites:

"PSP...holds more than a gigabyte, not a gigaflop..the ds always use the term gigaflop: gigaflop is garbage need a gigabyte. They try to trick you at nintendo..."

Type in google define: gigaflop and laugh your head off.
Blogger Kaoru said...
My personal favourite bit was:

"the PSP will be able to be a controller for the PS3... The DS, well that won't be able to be a controller for the, uh, PS3... look it up, it's a fact."

Comedy genius!
Blogger domespecialist said...
This guy cannot be serious!! It was sooo funny listening to all these "facts" which aren't true. He has wasted nearly 13 minutes of his life in this "rant".Its true. look it up. on the radio. or something. genius.
Please put this man on TV on his own gamer reviewing program. He can then call DS garbage. And Trash.
Blogger Durandal said...
Dude, it's satire.

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