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Distributed with issue 2 of UK games mag Mean Machines, it's the Sega Mastermix 90! Two kids, competition winners, who were allowed into a recording studio to record their rap record about Sega. A dream come true!

DOWNLOAD: MC's Nick and Steve - Do Me A Favour (Master Mix '90) [3.6MB MP3]

  • "Master System costs from eighty pounds, 128 colours, three channel sound"

  • "Check out your local dealer, not for drugs, but for Sega"

  • "Yeah, we got the Sega Master System in the house, yeah boyee"

  • "3D glasses will blow your mind, Better peripherals you cannot find"

  • You cannot get better than this. How we'd like to travel back to the early 1990s, when enthusiasm was respected and encouraged rather than frowned upon.

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    Blogger Peter Gasston said...
    That's quite fun, but what's with the cockney bird all over it? "Do me a fava!" - "Can I 'ave a go on yer joystick?"

    The outro goes on for twice as long as the rap.
    Blogger Boss Nonnu said...
    Holy fuck.

    I love this song. It was the only thing I had to listen to on the bus home once - and it saved me from a terrible fate.

    Thankfully, the fact I was able to have an audible tssk-tssk-tsssk coming from my cheap earphones meant I was spared a menacing from a large mental girl who had previously expressed a desire to have sex with me.
    Blogger Dave said...
    it might even be better than the pokémon rap!
    Blogger YojimboUK said...
    Where are they now? And can we track them down?
    Blogger Arse Magic said...
    My site featured on UKR! The fame!

    Check out the site for review scans, reader artwork and classic adverts - including that naughty one which featured a girly holding a GameGear over her jabberclackers. You know the one.

    We all wanked over it at the time.
    Blogger Dave said...
    When I thought that you couldn't get better than "MICROSOFT'S 'URBAN YOUTH' XBOX 360 FILM", you go and post this...
    Blogger grilly said...
    i'm so glad you exist.
    Blogger pinku no mizutama said...
    Blogger elstoof said...
    Anyone remember Total Magazine? they ran a similar competition, where you could win a wonderful keyboard thing for the NES. all you had to do was record a song with whatever instruments you already had, send it in and they picked out a winner. Never got to hear the winning song though, because they never released a tape or anything, just gave a brief description of it. "T O T A L, that spells TOTAL" is all they wrote. brilliant.
    Blogger mykel said...
    "Check out your local dealer, not for drugs, but for Sega"

    Who'd have thought that witty line would become almost literally true in years to come :'(

    In the long run crack addiction was probably the cheaper, and some would argue saner, option.
    Blogger MrDo82 said...
    "S E G A, the finest most respect console on the streets today"

    Time warp :(
    Blogger bilal said...
    something's not quite right - i thought chavs were a new invention? like, within the last few years or something.

    unless i'm missing something?
    Blogger Mark said...
    "Hello Dad, can I have a computer?"
    "What you need son is a kick up the hooter!
    Computer'd cost me a leg and an arm."
    "This is Toshiba dad, keep calm."

    Can't remember the rest of it. Never did buy an MSX.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Well it's been a while since i've heard that...!lol
    Still brings a smile to my face :)

    still the best the song you've made bruv


    Lousie Batten

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