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This is simply more proof that someone needs to give us 50,000 pounds an episode to revolutionise video game television overnight. We will do this by simply BEING OF AN ACCEPTABLE STANDARD instead of utterly, embarrassingly awful.

It's "Gamerweb 2.0" a name which suggests there was an earlier and even worse version of this rubbish.

YOU... COULD... N'T... MAKE IT... UP.

A sock reviews Crash Bandicoot 3 and gives it 90 percent. When we're massive television stars (this is inevitable) we'll be stealing all these great ideas!

We do enough "listening to idiots" on the bus and in the office, we don't need it all over the internet as well.

This is the absolutely last time we're linking to Google Video or YouTube or any of these cocking things, until people get their shit together and start making good ones.
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
Rob Van Damme Fan
Says it all really
Blogger Xephon said...
What's worse, you know who Rob Van Damme is.

Cocking hell, make it stop. I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes.
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Can't wait for Gamerweb 3.0

And Zorg, you don't really need a budget of 50k to make something better than this debacle - just a mini DV cam and an iota of intelligence is more than enough...
Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
There's nothing wrong with being a wrestling fan... I believe UK:R even did a feature about the females being Saturday morning "entertainment" at some point last year.

Although I might've dreamt it.

Has no one noticed Rapture is back with Gamers (or G@mers). Matt Cuttle is however still doing those same quiz things as Emily Booth, so the pay for doing these shows probably isn't worth the humiliation. He also said he hated Sonic.
Blogger S.F.R said...
I think it is inevitable that UK:R does a review show, and for it to be in a constant state of 'retro special' otherwise itd just be 'harry potter is shit, Fifa is shit, 50 cent game is shit, katamari or whatever is good, all the games in the shops are shit really. I think Episode 1 would be titled 'Rez is better than all of the Xbox games ever made' and every epiode would have a custom frestyle rap about EA being great from 5 white cockney twats, as a funny joke.

And while I'm typing with my hands, wrestling is quite good, im a big fan. Two big shiny topless men who pick each other up and put them back down... it's really very romantic if you think about it.
Blogger Tomleecee said...
S.F.R. - I think your ideas are technically sound, but reckon your 'Rez is better...' idea should be renamed 'Daytona 2001 is better than everything, period.'
Blogger Roddie said...
UK:R didn't like Rez, as far as I was aware..
Blogger Chewing Gum Volley said...
If you manoeuvre another browser window over the left hand side of the screen, and mute the audio, you can have hours of fun just watching the simpering chunka chunka pose and purse his lips like a chimpanzee eating a super sour jawbreaker.
Blogger Liam said...
I'm the fat guy in the Rob Van Damm shirt (although I wouldn't considder myself a dyed in the whool fan).
I remember saying that Gamerweb 2.o shouldn't be shown. It was just ment originally as a kind of showreel/ screentest, just to see what we could do with a borrowed camera in a afternoon. After GW 2.0 (the 2.0 as Gamerweb was an actual tv show Both me and Carl were on) we decided to make another show that didn't suck so much. Again we were boubd by limitations of inexperience, lack of any real budget and the pr people at game campanies don't regester our existence hence the games we review are one we already own. That said we are in the process of making a second episode and we're improving all the time. If you can see it in your black hearts to give a hoot, then have a look at where everything can be explained in an intro video.If you're gonna judge us than please do it on something that we actually want people to see
Blogger Thameslink said...
Umm ok....That's crap too
Blogger Carl Joseph said...
Hi this is Carl Joseph, the man behind the gamerweb 2.0 pilot.

This was created in 2004 which was produced within 2 days for the producer of friendly tv. I already said that the pilot is poor, it isn't worth writing my opinions on here again.

I am doing a new show in April, and beileve me, the new show will make PXG, G@mers, GAMER.TV look like a joke.

Trust me, i have learnt a lot on everything since, like on screen graphics, editing, audio mixing etc.

We will see who has the last laugh, but unfortunately you lot always complain about everything on here.

Thank you very much.
Blogger Chewing Gum Volley said...
Blogger Gwyn said...
Hi Carl & Liam. If you're wondering who will have the last laugh, it's probably these guys. It's tough to understand their accents if you're not a brit, but once you get over that you see what a really good internet games show looks like. They've been perfecting their formula for a couple of years as well, and they've cracked it by now. Comedy skits, decent reviews, and no stupid percentages.

Give it a watch. You'll definitely learn something.
Blogger Carl Joseph said...
Hi mate, me and liam have seen consolevaina and videogaiden, and we love the shows.

But for everyone else, that pilot was done in 2004, by all means our new show will be avi format, better editing, etc. I mean you have to see it to beileve it. If you complained about the gamerweb 2.0 show, that's fair enough, although it is 2 years old and only a small part of our learning curve. We never claimed it to be brilliant and as such I think it unfair to criticise our early work with words that Uk Resistance has done so. By all means, criticise us, but there are for more words in the dictionary to use than moron. There is a line where criticisim just becomes abuse.

We have made so many mistakes and in a couple of weeks time i will let you see that the new show will be much more professional.

Now where is my copy of Ico.
Blogger Gwyn said...
Looking forward to it!
Blogger [cf4]HumanShield said...
it was better than that Marty Feldman bloke, the first one you posted..
They all se em to h have some speech prob lem.
Blogger S.F.R said...
Console Vania - i saw the retro special they did and it was pretty excellent, despite me not agreeing with their taste and also me not thinking all of their skits were that great. But still excellent.

Come on skit-making-video-game-review-camera-weilder; isn't it time for a skit doing a ninth anniversarry celebration preview for DUKE NUKEM FORVER? - hey, it could have a look at all of the previews for DN4E over the last ten or so years. With a run down of the top ten LIES about the game that have been told by game journo scum!

The ease at which today technology allows people to make little TV shows for the internet creates a problem - quite a lot of crap.
Blogger Kickstone said...
Just give it up for Christ's sake.

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