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Having things validated is always nice. Like when we found out that other people still loved SEGA and it made us feel less like outcasts. So discovering Girls of Counter-Strike is pretty amazing and life-affirming.

Counter-Strike Ho' #1

Even though they sound like screechy American teens, it would appear that the majority of Counter-Strike players are young sexy women, dressed in see-through negligees and pink panties with "INSERT COIN HERE" written on.

Counter-Strike Skank #1

"GirlsofCS is an online gaming community and nude pinup gallery. We are out to empower female gamers by eliminating the negative online stereotypes towards them." We're almost speechless in admiration for whoever wrote this. We would like to shake the hand of the woman who wrote this, because it CLEARLY IS a woman who did, and not a man; a young, scantily-dressed woman. Making an O shape with her mouth and doing stuff with her tongue whilst fingering the scroll-wheel on the mouse and PWNING n00bs.

MySpace shame

MySpace continues to astound us and justify our stalking hobby: LOOK! There's an entire community of HAWT 18 YEAR-OLD CS PLAYING HONEYS. All of them could potentially be our she-bitches.

We may laugh, but we've 'added' them all

She IS REAL. The world will know this when we bring her to our house, where we will care for and endlessly photograph her. We will even be gentle and sensitive to her as she sobs in the shower while trying to scrub off the SHAME with bleach.


What if their dads found this?


This is as close to talking to girls as we get these days


MySpace is shameful


Shamefully compelling


She's probably really 14 :(

DIRTY. Ultimate MySpace stalker resource update provided by guest updater The Cap'n.


Blogger Duckula said...
A lot of love went into the research of this item.

They must have something wrong with them like a rotting vagina because they aren't 'proper' girls.
Blogger Joe said...
They have lists of fans and thousands of 'friends'. Proof that you could probably LIVE on the free stuff and adulation involved with being a girl and liking games. It's like being a rare Pokemon. And prostituting yourself.
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Am I the only one who thinks Counter Strike is shite? I got it free with Half Life 2 and played it approximately thrice before I lost all forms of interest.
Blogger S.F.R said...
So basically what the CS girls are saying is that all people who play geeky fps are huge perverts who sit alone in a room wanking all day. Actually saying that *is* quite empowering.
Blogger Paul Goodman said...
and accurate
Blogger EvilFiek said...
If all "HAWT 16 yr old girl gamers" are into CS I think girl gamers should be abolished.

Where are btw. the "Girls of Halo", "Girls of "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball"" or the "Girls of Sonic" ? =/
Blogger windowlicker said...
I'm going to join the Taliban
Blogger Carol Buser said...
what a load of crap! I'm a girl gamer, but not a ho! LOL! I just can't take this seriously! This gives a bad impression on girl gamers everywhere. (I'm a woman gamer, actually. I'm 36).
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
L337 lauren seems to be the most hardcore of the group. Debatably, probably the only serious gamer among them. Check out her page - she's even posting her IP Host and has a World of Warcraft badge in her mouth.

Following in your footsteps I compiled a little more research on them myself :) Peep it here - click to launch
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
i know I'm showing my age, but what does pwn mean anyway?
Blogger Runaan said...
*runs off to establish Girls of WoW*
Blogger schu said...
I was sorta shocked when I saw this site and that there are supposedly beautiful young girls playing the same game i'm obsessed with, it gives me hope for the future. anyway i just wanted to say you girls can't beat meeee <3 and i have no love for powersgaming ladies
#5thkolumn i'd love to scrim one of you hotties drop me a line in there sometime
Blogger Anita the Kitty said...
ha. i`m a chick that pwns you all!!!

check out my site at

Blogger ch1x0r said...
lol @ Anita. She just further enforces the message of the article.

First of all, that MySpace of hers isn't a real site and secondly, she has big tits.

And yeah, 1337Lauren is the most serious of the lot. Word has it that can actually pwn.

Btw, that first chick pictured is quite orange.
Blogger ch1x0r said...
Err... lemme fix that.

**Word has it that she can actually pwn.

1337Lauren also owns her own server and all that.

And thanks for sharing that bit of research Destructoid. ;)
Blogger Ellie said...
This is stupid. And degrading. 38% Of online gamers are female.

Maybe if you guys let your balls drop, you'd figure that out.

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