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As part of our whining that games don't have enough space princesses in any more (and to prove that we're not biased and that gangstas, "hood"ing up your games, pointless grit and lazy racial/sexual stereotyping aren't an exclusively western problem), let's take the UK:R time machine* back to 1986. Kunio / Renegade, the first time a game company looked at a project and deemed it to not have enough prostitutes or black muggers in to appeal to its target audience, and in the kind of crippling irony worthy of such a moment, it was actually a gang warfare game (practically unheard of in those days).

Number of psychedelic dance setpieces: Zero

The first level. Completely normal looking station changed to piss-stained, grafitti-covered station. Schoolboy gangsters changed to black people in loud Hawaiian shirts.

Visible space princesses: Zero

The midway level. Schoolgirl gangsters changed to prostitutes and, er, black prostitutes.

We are, indeed, all out of time reversal cubes

The final level. White people with knives changed to........

So there you have it. Before you invest in a family pack of tissues ready for New Rainbow Islands, just keep in mind that this is ALL TAITO'S FAULT.

*nb: If there were really a UK:R time machine we wouldn't really use it to write rubbish about games not having space princesses in any more. We'd go back and play Time Traveller, which was by Sega and had a space princess in it.
Blogger JUGGERNAUT said...
From the "Time Traveller" link-

"* 1998 -- The Post-Holocaust where the enemies are drug dealers, street gangs, baseball players, homocidal maniacs and radioactive zombies."


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