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Sega are taking Taito to court over alledged simularities (read: complete identicalities) between Mushi King and Dino King, and we can't think of a decent headline. That's why we're going to send a free Nintendogs chia pet to the first person who can come up with one that makes us laugh out loud.


1) The webmaster's girlfriend is barred from entering
2) It's the chihuahua, so shut up
3) Jokes such as "Sega Vs Taito Millionaire Fighting," "Clash Of The Taito-ns" or absolutely ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT FUCKING CGI THING FROM LORD OF THE RINGS will be dismissed out of hand
4) If it goes missing in the post, tough shit
5) Toy may be already opened and played with depending on how ratted we get between now and the winning entry; the grass you get in it will probably grow better when we've finished with it, though
Blogger Chris said...
Can't post images directly. :((((((((((
Blogger Web Team said...
'King Thieving Bastards

And yeah I don't have a proper Blogger account so, you get the one I use for a work project...
Blogger Jonno394 said...
'Sega to sue over shit game similarities'

Hehe; thats alliteration that is!!
Blogger Tomleecee said...
"Mr T kicks all their candy asses for being bitches and playin f&*king games anyway"
Blogger Inferno_Krusher said...
Sega gets ass raped.
Blogger Tel said...
"SEGA Mash potaTaito"

Beat that.
Blogger naWker said...
i hate f**king dogs (it gives me cramp in my knees) but freebies i'll take.

SEGA: HEY THATS THE SAME AS OURS, SHITZU!! (prays the dog joke carries and not the sound of the suicides gunshot)

personally i would have called it Wan King! Take that to the bar.

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