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There is no point even trying to resist any more. TRON is going to be in Kingdom Hearts 2, and Donald Duck is going to be fighting shoulder to shoulder with Cid and Yuffie against the David "Jesus Christ" Warner. This is assuming you're still alive after Pirates of the Carribean World, and haven't been found dead in your chair with a big smile on your face like in the original Batman movie.

Scan... UH... from Shonen... UH... Jump, taken from... UH... Gaming Age Forums... AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaah.

Click for a larger image, as if we were a proper website and everything. Or don't. It doesn't matter anyway - the fan service apocalypse has arrived, and everything is finished forever. Anyone fancy a daisychain?
Blogger A Nony Mouse said...
I was really upset today. My girlfriend was vomiting last night and I didn't sleep very well. I woke up late and felt like crying. But I read the funny post about the new magazine and it made me feel better to think that someone else was stupid and maybe more than me :)!

I didn't like this post, I thought it was rubbish really. :0

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