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The last 12 years have just come full circle. We should've saved the bold/capital letters headline for this sort of exciting announcement.

Off to listen to Sonic R on the headphones in bed. There may well be a bit of masturbation. Don't worry, Richard, we'll switch to thinking about women and tits for the climax.
Anonymous Photoboy said...
I'm getting friction burns from all the wanking, and that's just from looking at Richard Jacques' head.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
her name is egg monroe, shes male (and older)
Anonymous Derinal Killospunkzic said...
Would, wouldn't, would get arrested if i did, wouldn't, would would would, would.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
UK:R, with all these updates, you are really spoiling us!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Ovi Kennedy said...
Good! Shameless, mere greenhorn.
Anonymous "Tim" said...
Another day is like a new beginning
And so today I know that it's a new start
I know the bad times are disappearing
Cause now I know that we'll never be apart

You're the one that makes me feel so high
Just like the diamonds in the sky
I never want to hear you say goodbye
Cause you're my diamond in the sky
Anonymous MC Jaquesalot said...
They'll just update the old music to suit a modern audience.

Can all o' y'all mother fuckers see?
The sun is shining on me. Word to my nigga.
It makes me feel so free. So damn alive.
It making me wanna survive.
And the mother fucking sky.
It makes me feel so god damn high.
The bad times pass me by.
'Cause today is gonna be a brighter day, muthafucka!

Can y'all feel the sunshine? Hell yeah
Don't it brighten up your day? Word
Don't y'all feel that sometimes, little bitches need to run away?
I reach out fo' mah sunshine.
Forget about tha fucking rain.
Just think about the crunk times, and mah homies are back again. Can y'all hear this!

Without you.
There's noone for me to do.
Can you feel the sunshine too? It's gonna proove.
My bitch feels so brand new.
When you're here,
I wish you were always near.
'Cause everything's so clear.
And today is gonna be a banging day! Nigga what nigga what what what
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
nan tells of brie snazzy whos gone to merry tavern
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sonic R was the best.

What happened to the singer ... hmm, how she helped me through those difficult teenage years... nowadays we get all the Britain's got talent crap pumped into our houses and real talent gets buried.

Richard should replace Piers Moron, as he is a proper judge of talent.

PS it is sacrilege to mention Jacques and m_ster_ation in the same sentence. You wouldn't mention the Queen Mum and w*nking on the same line. Mr Jacques is a national treasure, show some respect you Oik.
Anonymous Gene Groom said...
Anonymous Richard Jacques' disappointed mum. said...
Right. Richard Jacques isn't very good. The Sonic R music is the worst fucking piece of shit I have ever heard. That stupid bitch singing on them who is probably Richard's wife/sister can't keep in tune either.

Sonic R wasn't a good game. I bought it brand new at the time, day of release and can still feel that horrible sensation of playing the turd to this day. The battling against common sense, trying to make the most of the one game that was released that year that didn't look like it was running at 100x76 while all the time knowing that is was piss poor. "THE PLAYSTATION COULD NOT DO THIS!". Yeah, great, doesn't help with the game being fucking awful though does it?

This ironic veneration of shit goes too far when it lauds Sonic R and its awful music.

And I love video game music. Just not shit video game music.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey, sorry for annoying everyone in the tie post.

shaun m
Anonymous Anonymous said...
her names egg monroe shes older
Blogger Ren said...
A new Sonic racing game with Richard Jacques! The only way this could get any better is if Sega announced Flagman was going to make an appearance. Looking at you Sumo Digital.

P.S: Looking forward to the 'Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing' month in 2010 - assuming UK:R is still alive by then.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Richard Jacques takes pity on cosplayers, yesterday.

Seriously, ZOMG. That IS that rather tasty looking Ulala from before, isn't it? (the one who wrote in with pics proving how saucy and delicious she was) But Tails has radiation sickness, Amy's too young even for Pedobear, Sonic looks a bit fat and NiGHTS' face seems too small for the rest of her costume (but nice boots).
Anonymous Kerry Katona said...
Thats a 6 way I don't even want to think about.

Iceland cheesecake £1!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
can't we have a higher res?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anonymous Ulala and Ryo sitting in a tree said...
That Ulala bird is awesome. Can someone post the links to the other posts with her in? Doing a search for Ulala on this site simply brings up *millions* of results. Also, can you do an interview with her please? It's been a while since we've had a UKR interview!

And Sumo Digital - please can you put Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue in the game please? With him being a Sega star, and all. Thanks!
Anonymous Shaun M the man-faggot said...

Fuck off you spaz. UKP is for sad lonely man-faggots who wank away their pathetic lives whilst discussing 'issues' that only a sexually frustrated 15 yr old would find perplexing or amusing. Go have a look in Shitbox - it's exactly what it says on the box.
Anonymous Lemur said...
This game looks awesome. I am seriously thinking of selling my lifetime supply of seedless grapes to buy it.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Sexy real Ulala is here:

Not as sexy Japanese Ulala pr0n cosplay with man tinted blue in Photoshop, and annoying mosaics over their genitals (but not her anus)
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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