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This year's heart-warming Christmas story is an enjoyable doom-laden fact-filled piece from the Wall Street Journal, all about how PS3 is (a) shite and (b) doing really badly.

Merry Christmas, Mr Stringer, sir!
  • "...aren't promising"
  • "...fell"
  • "...flat or lower"
  • "...may not reach its goal"
  • "...sales decline"
  • "...heavy blow"
  • "...two years of losses"
  • "...poor sales"
  • "...backfiring"
  • "...PS3 an afterthought to game publishers"
  • "'s possible to buy a Blu-ray player and an Xbox 360 for less than a PS3"
  • "...still losing money on every PS3 it sells"
  • "...lack of attractive titles"

  • '...and molest female avatars that are probably men'

    Wishing everyone at Sony an equally blunder-filled and hilariously poor 2009. Love, your friends at UKR.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    And Sonic available on the Wii on top of this? =[
    Pyrrhic victory indeed.

    Sad times. Sad times.
    Blogger P.P.A. said...
    As I said before, Valkyria Chronicles redeems the PS3! And SEGA! It's that good it's enough to forgive an otherwise less interesting console and a formerly glorious company that has fallen into mediocrity aside from AM2! BUY A PS3 AND VC BUY A PS3 AND VC
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Blogger Spicy Mini said...
    PPA, just relax. Your pro Sony shit falls on deaf ears here. Why don't you jog on over to and read Zorg throwing all the bad news around....

    "In a really rather sad bit of news, Valkyria Chronicles has sold pretty poorly. Despite solid reviews, the game has sold just 33,000 copies in the US, according to NPD figures."

    "An investigation by tech research company iSuppli has estimated that it costs Sony $448.73 to build a single PlayStation3. The standard price of the entry level machine is the US is $399."

    I feel sorry for Sega, but death to PS3!

    Zorg, the irony of you writing for a PS3 blog is not lost on us...
    Blogger P.P.A. said...
    See, without Valkyria Chronicles I probably wouldn't like the PS3 now. But think about it, since Sony loses money with every PS3 sold, you'd both damage Sony AND get to play the best SEGA game in years! (Even though Sony would lose even more money if you just didn't buy a PS3, but let's ignore such minor details.)
    Home however is that bad it's not even funny any more.

    "In a really rather sad bit of news, Valkyria Chronicles has sold pretty poorly. Despite solid reviews, the game has sold just 33,000 copies in the US, according to NPD figures."
    It's the USA, what do you expect? TASTE?!
    Anonymous Rianq said...
    Why not wait until Sony is bancrupt and buy a PS3 and VC for fifty bucks? That way you can play the one or two good games on that devil machine, save money and laugh at the self-destructing robots, formerly working in Sony's concentration camps.
    Blogger ChaosAngelZero said...
    It's entirely SEGA's fault for not releasing VC for the 360 and/ or PC, they mustn't expect SEGA fans to buy their games on a Sony console. It even lacks online multiplayer, I really hope this game becomes a new Virtua Fighter 5.
    Anonymous barry said...
    I can't wait for dozens more funny updates like this in 2009!

    It's great being a Sega fan these days! Somewhat like being a Scotland fan at the World Cup... fuck all to cheer about until England go home.

    Spicy, thanks for the great pspsps link - fun-packed website that - a must read. Weekly updates ftw.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    This site's definitely gone uphill, I'm going to bookmark it again and visit twice as often
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I understand the sarcastic tone of ukr, I've been reading it for years (!!since 1999!!). but microsoft has never made any money out of the xbox (they claim each year that the next one will be the first) and more importantly : microsoft may even be worse for our asses if they were having the same success the ps2 did and I'm not saying nintendo should be first. just that sega does an excellent job at shooting its leg on its own.
    Anonymous Sarah said...
    There's never any pictures of Sonic carpet any more :(
    Blogger Dead Man Typing said...
    It doesn't matter who wins as long as it's not Sony.
    Anonymous roland said...
    Ive been waiting for VC to fail on the PS3 so SEGA are forced to put it on xbox.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I liked the comment that originally with the PS3 Sony could market it as a cheap Blu-Ray player.

    But now BR players cost less than the PS3 they are fucked. Time to re-market it as a games machine perhaps?

    A Blu Ray player has all the advantages of not playing Home or Little Big Planet. Massive win for the stand alone BR machines, although I still reckon you'd have to be a massive bender to want one.
    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    The best thing about how totally fucked Sony are with the PS3 is that if they massively drop prices to stimulate sales they will lose even more money per machine sold. Alternatively, they can keep the console at is current price and sell fuck all machines. Either way, it's good news if you're a Dreamcast owner.

    Sony must have burned through all the cash the Spider-Man films made them by now. They're probably half way through the cash the PS1 and PS2 made and they're looking at blowing the money the Walkman made them in the '80s. Once that's all gone there will be some terse conversations in the Sony bunker before Fuhrer Hirai and his generals blow their own brains out to avoid capture and being put on trial for the genocide of Sega.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Wishful thinking on behalf of an Anonymous Sony fanboy above, as the Xbox division has been making a profit for at least a year now, and the gaming division for longer than that. I wonder why he didn't mention Nintendo? Is this how deluded PS3 owners are or is this Sony brainwashing?
    Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
    Microsoft not making money off xbox's is the funniest thing i've heard all year.
    Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
    I hope a painfull slow death to those fuckers. Cheers for the new year folks.

    It's not even a joly failure like Dreamcast was and that makes my happiness even sweeter. It hurt to see Dreamcast die and while it went down the toilet in misery and regret, you still could play wonderful games between the tears. Playstation 3 won't have that, ever. The only thing it will end up doing is playing Blu-Ray shit on Sundays until it brakes and is replaced by a player half or third of the price. Maybe boot up with MGS4 (which sucks) for those wankers who like watching an old man winning for 10 hours straight. Other than that, not really, and the exclusives for third party (for example, those SEGA stubbornly still does) will be released on some other system.

    Can't help but feel these guys were asking for it. Microsoft knows how to play Sony's plan as good as them but has the advantage of having more money. It was inevitable.

    Offtopic, Valkyria and Yakuza 3 redeem the PS3, nothing more.

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