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The second quarter of 2008 started with April.
  • April

  • Tomorrow - May!
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Fuck off Zorg and do some other jokes. Wanker.
    Blogger Supersonicjim said...
    I am going to leapfrog you and read the archives for June.

    That'll learn you
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Can't wait for December.
    Blogger Ren said...
    Awesome update. 10/10. Only another 8 more to go. The suspense is killing me

    wv: porsho - too easy
    Anonymous Andy said...
    Strange how there seems to be a larger amount of anti-UKR people showing up now. I reckon they're the same individuals every time, and they keep coming back to check up on the site, then leave more anonymous messages. They're hooked!

    By the way - i hope there will be a break in these retrospectives to cover this:
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    The anti-UKR people are probably people who came for the cat pictures and feel viciously disappointed. Or Sony people who were 'downsized' due to the PS3 and it's ability to lose money hand over fist.

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