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Jet Set* Radio artwork spotted in the window of a contemporary sushi restaurant by one of our many "Adam" readers. We hope he's not planning on going in. We'd hate to think we have readers fashionable enough to have a favourite kind of sushi.


"I was walking by my local shopping mall when I saw this poster for a new sushi place that should be opening soon. Please see if you can use this as evidence that people still love Jet Set Radio to convince SEGA to make a proper new game in the series for Xbox 360. Thanks!" - Adam.

Get Set SEGA Lawyers

We don't know enough about Ken Taya to know if he has a licence to resell SEGA artwork or not, so we hope he doesn't get sued for $1,000,000 over this disclosure. Not that it would impact on our daily lives in any way if he did. So, on reflection, we don't actually care if he ends up in jail with the nonces for 25 years. Sorry, Ken, but it's true. You're NOTHING to us.

Not Mind Jalilio

We should've saved some of the words from that last caption to go in here. There's nothing left so say.

*Never say Grind.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Seconded, I'd love another JSR game. I have "Concept of Love" playing on my computer right now!
Blogger bigolslabomeat said...
From his website:

"5) Gum from the video game “Jet Grind Radio” is just sexy and hip. Her race, as in many Japanese games is fairly ambiguous considering the other blue haired characters in the game."

So it's either licensed, he's the original artist, or he's openly admitting to being a copyright thief
Anonymous Bozzley said...
She has five fingers and a thumb on her right hand. Eerie.
Anonymous Jason L Blair said...
Five fingers and a thumb? She must be from Liberty City.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I actually saw this last month at the Bellevue Mall (AKA the rich white person mall) and was like "WTF"
Anonymous Carr said...
You was like WTF?

Didn't we used to have enforceable minimum reader grammar standards here?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is not Friday afternoon 'Sony in the Shit' tommy-tank fodder.

well, perhaps - lovely knee's on her....

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Any reminder that Sega are wasting the amazing value of JSR (Read : JGR if you are homosexual or American, or both) is both a blessing to prove that your Dreamcast still has more value than any Sony console, and an embarrassment to remember what has become of the decision making process at Sega.

Please resume with the Sony in shit sales figures we all expect on the next 24 hours...
Anonymous Blarg said...
The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 this week for some inexplicable reason, so you'll have to save it for next week, when I'm sure normal service will be resumed.
Anonymous James Joyce's penis. said...
I thought Jet Set Radio was shit. I am only a fan of good things, not a fanboy of any old Sega branded bollocks.
Anonymous James Joyce's mum's cunt said...
@ James Joyce's penis

You'll fit right in here then.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
She seems to have developed an eating disorder in his illustration... but then, arty twats tend to go for those skeletal anorexic types, don't they? Named 'Gethsemene' and 'Alannah'.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Posting comments on older posts gets disabled? Why is that?
I just wanted to say something about the negativity towards Little Big Planet. I despise the PS3 just as much as anyone, and enjoy watching it flop. The thing, LBP was developed by a British company. I'm sick of seeing crap-jap games parading around the charts.
Buy Little Big Planet!
Buy Fable II!
Buy Banjo & Kazooie!
Support British game developers!
Uhh.. What else is there?
(Oh, and drink Pepsi)
Blogger Max said...
This is awesome, for many reasons.

I was reading this post when my girlfriend leans over and asks "what are they saying about J's restaurant?" Blue C Sushi is a restaurant being set up in Bellevue by Microsoft's J Allard (alongside his noodle place Boom Noodle, which is great.)

What's even more awesome is that I scrolled down and saw that the artwork is by Ken Taya, one of my co-workers at Bungie, right next to Bellevue. I have no idea if Ken had anything to do with Jet Set Radio, but I'll ask him on Monday.

Here's the full piece, it's pretty neat:
Anonymous Anonymous said...
you guys are morons. besides cheering dying company that made nothing but crap for the last 15 years or so, your now reporting half truths with out doing all the research.

the full art work features multiple paradies and honorable nods to notable Japanese pop-culture elements and influences.

as a news site, you guys need to do more research before reporting that Frisbee as a UFO. (that's a metaphor for those with an IQ less than 5)
Anonymous Kisaragi said...
Even one of morons like me knows the word "日本鬼子" in this drawing is worst racial slur which usually Chinese calls Japanese, I believe this is a forbidden word even with "parodies" came from "high IQ".

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