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Here are the least sad bits of what we've been doing elsewhere in the sphere of online content generation.
  • This thing about a hilarious internet "meme" that got taken way too seriously and people just ended up embarrassing themselves by being too "into it."

  • This thing about possibly getting new kinds of shoes for a pretend man to wear in a non-existent place :(

  • This thing about how external HDs are only ever used by men to hide their 'Sunday Best' porn on/in.

  • This thing about Microsoft going slightly INSANE and making claims it can't really live up to.

  • This thing about US console sales, which includes YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO? OH YES, SHIT OLD SONY! in very last place as usual.

  • This thing about the 'Yellow Toy Collection' Princess, as she will no doubt soon be forced to rename herself when Nintendo's people hear of it.

  • This thing about mucky little well-polished-turd Avril Lavigne holding it up for Canon, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Wipe it down afterwards, love

    It's embarrassing to report that this week veered into fun territory. 7/10.
    Blogger roddie said...
    There's no way the person actually received the $10000 for the spider.
    Blogger LastChance said...
    I followed the link to the MS claim, but couldn't read the article due to a pop up advert filling the area of the screen where, you know, the words of the article were. Clicking on the close button didn't close (Firefox). So there you go.

    Maybe I should have contacted that site, but I couldn't face registration and presumably more popups that don't close. It's easier to come here and moan. Besides you must care a bit since you linked to it here and its your sort-of work.

    Moan moan moan. Get it sorted. When you have, and if I'm more bored than usual, I'll check out the rest of elsewhere on the network.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Avril is luuuuuuvly. I'm almost positive she's every 30 something's dirty fantasy and album sales/google searches would reflect as much. Sort of next-door neighbours daughter if she ever noticed you lifting weights naked from her bedroom type stuff. Oh yeah. I'm REALLY sweaty, thanks for asking.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Avril looks like Kelloggs have decided to update Face of Frosties Tony the Tiger to appeal more to the kids (and the Dad's)

    Anonymous Martin said...
    I class that as a good week Zorg. 9/10, mainly for sales figures.

    And how come the HW/SW sales figures weren't plastered all over UK:R, showing how shite Sony is doing?

    Or are you only allowed to use them on one site, in some sort of bizarre "internet has copyright for first time in history" type thing?
    Anonymous PhotoBoy said...
    Would. And I'd use her camera to take pictures of it and put them on the internet.
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    Whoops. I feel that pain and will pass on this valuable piece of 'reader interaction' to the management. I ensure I have ad-blocking options at FULL POWER to make living with those sites on a daily basis manageable, else it'd be too depressing.
    Anonymous orm said...
    i so would. thanks Zorg. i can have fap now to ms tony tiger all rest of office day.
    Blogger Phil said...
    Too lazy or inept to link to the high res picture Zorg?

    Should help out fellow 'readers'
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Punk is when you advertise for big companies and take the freedom to paint your nails black.
    Anonymous Trilby said...
    I've been 'reading' that picture several times a day for the last week.
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    I couldn't work out that Imagebam hosting thing. They all looked low-res to me and now it's too late to make amends.

    I need to get a young assistant to help me with going on the internet.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I for one am quite happy that "little" Avril has become a Christina Aguilera sized slut recently.
    It gives me something to flap away over on non Sony-chart-shame days.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Flap = FAP

    Although my masturbatery habits to resemble the death throes of a freshly half beaten to death seal, so flap might be an appropriate word.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I just noticed that 'tiger's' little 'ears'. How 'adorable'.

    Would prefer not to.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Those tiger ears are cute as fuck. I want that jacket. I'm not female, either.

    Would, but only with a slight worry I wanted to buy a girl's hoody after. Or nick hers.]

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