UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
These are internal. Secret. For SEGA employee eyes only. We are NOT SUPPOSED to be seeing these images, images that tell SEGA staff not to post hints about what they're working on at NeoGAF during lunchtime.



Spotted by a man unfortunately named "Tyson" who pretty much just stole these off another part of the internet. Several months ago. We are not picky. Content is content. One more page on the internet means one less link in the chain we have built for ourselves to wear in the afterlife.


We think someone emailed us a photograph taken inside the toilet of SEGA Europe a year or so ago. We'll try and dig that one out for tomorrow. There's something to look forward to.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Someone should put these posters in the SoA office as well.
Blogger Kiki said...
So if you don't respect SEGA's NDAs, they send killer ninjas after you.
Blogger RetroBob said...
Reminds me of...
Blogger PaulHill said...
Well it's either
1) Runninng Sonic into the ground
2) Sequel X to terrible game

It's never JSRF or Scenmue or stuff people will actually like or buy is it? Nooooo.

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