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The Chinese had much higher manufacturing standards in the early-to-mid 1990s, as this quite sensationally detailed SEGA/Sonic/Game Gear Christmas tree decoration shows.

Nice box

"I got this ages ago and completely forgot I had it. It's a Sonic/Game Gear Christmas tree decoration off of 1995."

Something witty about fun in hand, ie, wanking

"If I was witty I'd probably poke fun at the slogan 'Fun in Hand' but I'm not so I'll leave it you and your readers if this gets posted. Cheers, Brynaldo."

The dying art of not making everything crap and cheap

That's just STUNNING! All the GG text has been replicated! And the colours. And the buttons.

Back detail!

Sadly the battery compartment isn't real and doesn't contain ultra-rare fake Chinese SEGA batteries. It's probably for the best - they would trigger a SEGA/battery manic episode and we'd eventually be found 18 months later sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff.


It is SO BRILLIANT. Brynaldo, we're trying extremely hard to stop buying everything that says SEGA on it - but we'll give you a tenner for it.

OK, £20 and a DVD of Hollyoaks girl photos?

You could probably even haggle us up to £15 if you throw in postage and packing. It's seriously awesome. So much better than last week's SEGA tat.
Blogger phorenzik said...
That is fucking awesome. It could only be better if it was a Mega drive instead of a Game Gear. It still gets 10/10 though.
Blogger Brynaldo said...
Sorry, I might just about have the largest Game Gear collection in all of the whole of the entire world, I can't sell it.
Oh awesome, I have that same ornament myself.

It still goes up on my family's Christmas tree every single year...towards the back, at my mother's insistence.
Blogger autechre said...
That looks great. But isn't the reason for the manufacturer's love of detail the hope some gullible parent picks this up, thinking it's the real thing?

Are we admiring a sinister scam, taking it for an amazingly decorative object? More secrets China never had.

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